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Burlington Baptist Church
Continuation of list of Names of Members - 1854
Colored Members
Names 		Manner of Reception	Date		Owner			Manner of Dis'l
		Experience  	Letter					Excluded; dec'd	Letter Date 
Thomas	*						Kirtley
Kit * 							W. H. Buckner
Harriet * +						Do [same]
Jefferson 1	Experience		Spt, 43		E. Tousey
Jane 	  2						H. Walker
Arin *	 	Exper.			June, 44	N. Green	Aug, 57
Nancy *	  3						Murdock		        Dec'd
Priscilla 4	Experience		Dec, 53		E. Utz		
Ginny	  5	Exper.					Flourney		Dead
Benjamin  6	Experience		Dec, 53		Acra
Mary	  7			Letter	Do		M. Rice			Dec'd	Letter
Lydia *	  8	relation				Tousey			Dec'd, 63
Martha	  9	Experience		Sept, __	Tousey			Dec'd
America   10	      "			  "		Mrs. Coleman
Mary Sarah 	      "			  "		Jas. Coleman
Anse  	  11	      "			  "		Abs. Gaines
Rhoda *	  12	      		Letter	Jan, 57	        Coleman 



* - Those with an asterisk by their name are circled in the document.
+ - It was reported March 16, 1861, that "colored Sister Harriet" formerly property of Brother William H. Buckner, had been absent from this part of the state for some time and no one knew her residence, so her name was removed from the church roll. BBC, Pastoral Gallery - p.6

     The Minutes of 1861 also report: "In September, a committee was appointed to determine the whereabouts of certain "colored" members who had absented themselves from the church, having not notified the church of their leaving." BBC, Pastoral Gallery - p.6


[Transcribed from a microfilm copy of the church records located at Boone County Public Library, Scheben Branch, Union, KY. The grammar and spelling are unchanged. - Jim Duvall]

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