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Organization of Ashland Avenue Baptist Church
Lexington, Kentucky, 1916

Brethren from First Baptist Church, Calvary, Porter Memorial, and Felix Memorial met at 3:00 P. M. Sunday, January 30th, 1916. After singing of hymns and reading of Scripture by J. W. Porter a prayer was offered by T. C. Ecton of Calvary Baptist Church.

Organization was entered into. Upon motion, Dr. J. W. Porter, of First Baptist Church, was made moderator and W. H. Porter of Calvary Baptst Church, was elected clerk. Upon motion and second the Philadelphia Confession of Faith was adopted unanimously. Upon suggestion of W. H. Porter the council of sister Baptist Churches of the city retired for the purpose of discussing the organization.

Motion was made and adopted that this Church organizing shall adopt, as its rule of conduct, practices such as are usual to the Baptist Churches of the Southern Baptist Convention. The council appointed to report on the organization made a report through T. C. Ecton that the orgainizing of the new church was heartily recommended.

Upon motion it was voted by those present, who desired to enter into the organization, that they organize themselves into a Baptist Church. Motion carried to enter into election of officers. C. S. Vermillion, Grover C. Thompson, Ott Miller, Dr. E. F. Beard, and J. R. Wilcoxen unanimously elected deacons. J. R. Wilcoxen nominated and unanimously elected church treasurer. Grover C. Thompson nominated and unamiously elected church clerk.

Upon motion the church adopted as its name Ashland Avenue Bapatist Church.

The following were charter members of the new organization: C. S. Vermillion, Mrs. C. S. Vermillion, G. C. Thompson, Mrs. G. C. Thompson, Ott Miller, Mrs. Ott Miller, Dr. E. F. Beard, Mrs. E. F. Beard, J. R. Wilcoxen, Mrs. J. R. Wilcoxen, Wilson S. Hunt, Mrs. Wilson S. Hunt, Susie Hunt, Bessie Hunt, Mrs. J. Q. Compton, D. M. Case, Mrs. S. A. Williams, J. B. Stine, Mrs. J. B. Stine, Mrs. Annie Coil, Jessie T. Coil, Miss Lucy Munday, Mrs. Emma Darnaby, S. C. Eubank. Mrs. S. C. Eubank, Mrs. Sallie E. Branaman, Mrs. Nonie Hubbard, Mrs. Chester Lowry, Mrs. Disney Delany and Sidney Delaney.

Adjourned to meet at 10:00 A. M. February 6th.
W. H. Porter.

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