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Joseph Kinghorn
British Baptist Minister
By Terry Wolever

      A widely known and well-respected figure in his own day, Kinghorn has been all but forgotten and usually overlooked by most of the literature dealing with Baptist history and thought, though he was for years in the forefront of the doctrinal controversies of the early nineteenth century. His life and influence are inseparable from the history of the Particular Baptists in England.

      Kinghorn was an early supporter of William Carey and the modern missions movement, as well as a notable scholar. His ability in the Word was much in demand by his peers and much respected by those with whom he differed. He was considered second only to John Gill in his rabbinical learning and was one of the godliest of pastors.


[From Terry Wolever, editor, The Life and Works of Joseph Kinghorn, reprint. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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