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"History of Kentucky Baptists"
The Christian Repository, 1856-1858
By Samuel H. Ford


Chapter I - Introductory

Chapter II - First Church - Its Origin - Virginia - Lewis Craig

Chapter III - Church in the Wilderness

Chapter IV - Bryant's Station, Town Fork, Cooper's Run, Boone's Creek, and Washington Churches

Chapter VI - Marble Creek - Forks of Elkhorn - Difficulties

Chapter VII - McConnell's Run - Stamping Ground - Bracken's Association

Chapter VIII - South Kentucky Association - Separates and Regulars

Chapter IX - Great Revival - Camp-Meetings - The "Jerks" - Barton W. Stone - New Lights

Chapter X - Extravagances of the Great Revival - Rise of the Reformation

Chapter XI - Elkhorn Association

Chapter XII - Elkhorn Association - Questions and Answers

Chapter XIII - Jacob Creath - Ambrose Dudley - Licking Association - Anti-Mission Baptists

Chapter XIV - [There is no # 14 in this series.]

Chapter XV - South Elkhorn Church - Licking Association - Reformation

Chapter XVI - History of the Harmony Church [Owen County]

Chapter XVII - Long Run Baptist Association

Chapter XVIII - Extracts from the Records of Long Run Association

Chapter XIX - Mount Pleasant Church - Historic Sketch and Covenant of the Separate Baptists

Chapter XX - First Churches in Kentucky - William Hickman - Boone's Creek - Marble Creek - Council

Chapter XXI - David's Fork Church

Chapter XXII - History of Elkhorn Association

Chapter XXIIa - Old Clear Creek Baptist Church

Chapter XXIII - Early Scenes in Louisville - Attack of the Indians


[A Series by Samuel H. Ford from The Christian Respository, 1856-58; from microfilm copies located at The Southern Baptist Seminary, Louisville, KY. - Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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