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BURMAN MISSION - Mr. Judson's Journal
Letter to the Publishers of the American Baptist Magazine

Maulmein, March 19, 1829.

Dear Brethren, -
      I thank you for Mr. Knowles's excellent address, and I am delighted with the plan of a religious celebration of the Fourth of July. I sincerely hope that the example of the Baptist churches in Boston, will be simultaneously followed by all their sister churches throughout the Union.

      Your letter is full of glad news about the prosperity of the churches. When I read such communications from Christian lands, and take a joyful circuit through the wide regions of successful benevolence, and then come back to my own little dark spot, I feel ready to sink down in discouragement. But is not this mere selfishness! There is however even here, a small glimmering of light, as you will see from our journals. I hope much from the piety and excellence of my dear brethren and sisters; and I trust that I have some hope in the all-sufficient grace of God.

      If you or any other benevolent persons are willing to send out English tracts, religious newspapers, magazines, hymn-books, &c. for distribution among the English soldiers, and others who understand that language, they will be always acceptable. I have given away almost every thing of the sort that I had. Even the odd numbers of the Magazine will do good service. Some of the poor soldiers, though they live a mile off, contrive to run out to us almost every evening to have us pray with them, and converse on religion. There is work enough among the English here to employ one man all his time. Pray, dear brethren, that the Holy Spirit may be poured out upon this moral wilderness. And endeavor to stir up some one church out of the 3800 in the United States to spare us one man at least, one that has a companion, too, for Mrs. Wade has been obliged to give up the female school, she has so much work to do of a more direct and valuable kind, among the women, who listen to her instructions.
     Your affectionate brother, - A. JUDSON.


[From American Baptist Magazine, 1829, p. 242; via Google On-line documents. Scanned and formattd by Jim Duvall.]

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