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An anecdote of the Rev. Joseph Ivimey
A British Baptist Minister and Historian
Tennessee Baptist, 1851

      There has existed in the English metropolis an union of ministers, composed of Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and Baptists, for nearly two centuries. They were originally united for the advancement of religious freedom, and still exist to maintain it. They have access at all times to the throne, either to present addresses of congratulation or condolence in connexion with public events, or to state their grievances. Some years ago, the body went up to address George IV. and while they waited in the library for their turn in the audience chamber, the different members amused themselves with observations on the books, pictures, furniture, &,c., and especially with an elegant vase, a present from the pope to the king. Good Br. Waugh, a Presbyterian clergyman and one of the best of men, - pleasantly said, in his Scotch tones, to Mr. Ivimev, "Well, brother Ivimey, one could almost covet that beautiful bowl; how well it would do for the baptism of our infants!" "Exactly so, bro. Waugh," replied the Baptist, pointing to an inscription which the worthy Doctor had not previously seen, "it would indeed do well for the baptism of infants; for you see it comes from the Pope of Rome!"

[From the Tennessee Baptist newspaper, January 4, 1851, p. 1. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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