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      When will the trial of Bro. Graves upon the charges before the Church take place? Not on the 21st of September, as was determined at the late meeting, for he is not expected home for some days yet, and should he come before the day appointed, it is not likely the Church will be so unreasonable as to require him to go into the trial without a reasonable time for preparation, and under the pressure of his other engagements, he may need several weeks for this. It is not a matter to be disposed of in a day - D. [A.C. Dayton]

      THE [1 blurred word] CONTEST. - The denomination and the world have been told that there was something dreadful, if it were only known, which would bring disgrace and infamy upon Elder J. R. Graves. The developments of the last few months have been of such a character that no doubt remains that in the last great effort now to be made before the Church, all has been charged that could be found, by the most careful enquiry in this city, and by letters addressed to the various places where he has lived from the day he was baptized. No stone has been left unturned, beneath which they could have hoped to find any thing that could be used to his disadvantage. If, therefore, there should now, after all their trouble, be found nothing immoral, nothing unchristian, nothing that has not been long known and openly avowed, nothing which has not already received the verdict of the denomination - as many hope that he will be hereafter permitted to enjoy in peace the good name he has so painfully earned. - D.

September 18, 1858, p. 2.

      On September 18, 1858, J. M. Pendleton published the following article: "The Charges Against J. R. Graves"

[From the Tennessee Baptist, Nashville, September 18, 1858, p. 2, microfilm CD edition. Source location from Thomas White, Cedarville Univerity, OH. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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