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Walton, Ky., Sept. 1, 1926

Rev. H. Boyce Taylor
Murray, Ky.

     Dear Bro. Taylor: I have just closed the greatest meeting in the history of the church of which I am pastor [Hickory Grove B. C., Independence. KY]. Bro. Harry Myers of Latonia was with me to lead the singing and did this in a great way. I did my own preaching irrespective of my illness of last summer. The first week was one in which the Lord tested our faith by a rainstorm each evening, but His Spirit was at work on the hearts of the unsaved even at home. From Saturday night of the first week until the end of the meeting the house was filled each evening, and on several evenings there were enough on the outside to have filled it again. We had 36 additions, thirty-two of them coming for baptism. Since the first of this year we have taken into our membership 70 additions, over two-thirds of them coming for baptism.

     May God's blessings rest upon your good work.

Very truly yours,
John R. Gilpin.

Rossmoyne, Ohio, Dec. 3, 1928

     Dear Brother Taylor: I have just finished your book, "Why Be a Baptist." I think that it is an outstanding book. It is the best in its field that I have ever read. I only wish that I might scatter them by the thousands in this unionistic, modernistic, feministic, God-less Northern Convention.

     Please send me Porter's book, entitled, "Feminism," which I believe you are now selling for 80 cents. Enclosed you will find that amount.

     Most sincerely, yours under the Blood,

John R. Gilpin.

     P.S. - Also send me a copy of the tract, "Ought All Christians Commune Together." I believe the price is five cents.

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