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History of Elkhorn Association
By J. E. Farnam.

Ninth Decade


Association held its annual session with the Silas Baptist Church, Bourbon County, August 14,15, and 16, 1866. Introductory Sermon by Elder N. M. Crawford, from Phil. ii:5., 6, 7. Twenty-one churches, represented by delegates, reporting a total membership of 3,496, and 241 baptisms during the year. Dr. E. H. Black was elected Moderator and Elder W. M. Pratt, Clerk.

Resolved, That in future "the Moderator shall appoint a committee at each meeting of the Association to report on the following subjects, for the information and action of this body, to-wit: State Missions, Sunday Schools, Domestic Missions, Foreign Missions and Education."

"The Circular Letter prepared by Bro. J. E. Farnam was adopted, and the editors of the Western Recorder and Baptist Monthly requested to publish it."

"Resolved, That we earnestly commend the establishment and support of a Baptist Female College, at Georgetown, to the prayers and pecuniary support of the churches of this Association."

Committee on Sunday Schools reported that thirteen of the twenty-one churches composing this Association keep up Sunday Schools.

The Committee on Colored Membership and Churches recommended the adoption of the following resolution:
That we recognize the right of our colored brethren to organize themselves into separate churches, and that we will cheerfully afford them any assistance they may desire in organizing such churches."


Contributions to benevolent objects during the year, as reported by the churches, aggregate $4,187.55.
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The Association convened with the church at Great Crossings on the 13th, 14th and 15th of August, 1867. Introductory sermon by Elder L. B. Woolfolk, 1 Peter 1:iii, iv. Dr. E. H. Black, Moderator; Elder Wm. M. Pratt, Clerk. Twenty-three churches represented by delegates. North Bend, Concord, Union, Ten Mile, Long Run, Boone's Creek, Tate's Creek, Franklin and Nelson Associations represented by messengers.

The Mount Freedom Baptist Church, Jessamine County, was received to membership in this Association, upon letter of dismission from Boone's Creek Association, and the Second Baptist Church of Lexington was received on petition.

The following resolution, reported by a committee on "State Patronage to the Kentucky University," was adopted:
"Resolved, That we ask the Kentucky Legislature to repeal all acts relating to the union of the Agricultural and Mechanical College and the Kentucky University, and that they withdraw all State funds from the said Kentucky University, and establish one Agricultural and Mechanical College on a basis independent of all denominational alliances whatever."

Additions to the churches during the year by baptism, 143; total membership, 3,113. Contributions to benevolent objects, as reported, $2,124.50.


The Eighty-third Anniversary of the Elkhorn Association was held with the Baptist Church at Versailles, on the 11th, 12th and 13th of August, 1868.

Introductory sermon was preached by Elder W. H. Felix, from John v:5. Twenty-four churches, represented oy delegates, report an aggregate membership of 2,717, and 162 baptisms during the year.

F. C. McCalla was chosen Moderator, and J. J. Rucker, Clerk.

On motion Prof. J. P. Boyce was invited to present the claims of the Theological Seminary at Greenville, S. C., to-morrow at 3 o'clock.

Reports from Committees on Home Missions, Foreign Missions, Education and Sunday Schools read and discussed. Elders Boyce, Ryland and McDonald selected to preach at the stand.

On application Providence Baptist Church, Franklin County, was received as a member of this body, and the hand of fellowship extended to her.

Contributions to benevolent objects reported $2,251.55.


The Association met with the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church on the 17th, 18th and 19th of August. Introductory sermon preached by Elder C. Lewis from 1st Timothy 1:vii. Delegates from twenty-four churches were present.

Elder C. Lewis was chosen Moderator, and Prof. J. J. Rucker, Clerk.

Messengers from corresponding Asociations were received as follows:
North Bend, Concord, Boone's Creek, Tate's Creek, Franklin, Baptist, South District, Long Run, and Bethel.

Elder R. T. Dillard stated to the Association that "he designed spending the remainder of his ministerial life as an independent evangelist among the feeble churches of the surrounding counties;" and asked "the privilege of reporting annually to this body" the result of his labors, whereupon it was voted unanimously that this Association will receive such reports with great pleasure,

Reports on State Missions, Foreign Missions, on Sunday Schools, and on Education were made and discussed.

Added to the churches by baptism during the year, 217; total membership 2,489.
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The Eighty-fifth Anniversary of the Association was held with the Providence Baptist Church on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of August, 1870. Introductory sermon by Elder George Hunt, from Acts ii:38.

Delegates from twenty-three churches reporting an aggregate membership of 2,521, and 91 baptisms during the year. F. C. McCalla, Moderator; J. J. Rucker, Clerk.

Elder R. T. Dillard made a verbal report of his missionary work in the mountain counties of Kentucky during the past year.

Elder Geo. Hunt was requested by vote of the Association, to furnish his sermon for publication in tract form.

Preaching at the stand by Elders R. M. Dudley, W. M. Pratt and W. B. Arvin.

Contributions as reported from the churches during the year: State Missions, $948.20; Foreign Missions, $671.10; Domestic Missions, $444.25, Ministerial Education, $285.25.


The Association convened with the Dry Run Baptist Church on the 15th, 16th and 17th of August, 1871.

Introductory sermon by Elder C. E. W. Dobbs, from Romans 1:16, 17.

Delegates from 22 churches, reporting an aggregate membership of 2,356, and 155 Baptisms during the year.

Resolved, "That the appointment of Elder L. B. Fish by the Sunday School Board at Georgetown, to be General Superintendent of S. S., meets our approbation."

Resolved, "That we endorse the action of the Convention recently held in Louisville to consider the removal of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from Geenville, S. C., to Kentucky; and we most heartily invite said Seminary to our State, and pledge co-operation and support in an effort to secure the three hundred thousand dollars, the amount proposed to be raised by Kentucky, if the Seminary should pe brought to this State.

Committee on Education report 150 students in attendance at Georgetown College -- 20 of whom are preparing for the ministry and commend the College to the patronage and support of the Association, recommending "that our churches should seek out and encourage young men who are called of God to preach the Gospel, to avail themselves of the educational facilities offered at Georgetown, and that the churches of this Association be requested, as soon as convenient, to take up collections for this object."


The Eighty-seventh Anniversary of the Association was held with the Bryan's Station Baptist Church, on the 13th, 14th and 15th of August, 1872.

Introductory Sermon preached by Elder Henry McDonald from 2 Corinthians 4:10-12.

Delegates from 24 churches organized by electing Elder George Hunt Moderator, and J. J. Rucker, Clerk.

The Baptist Church at Midway applied for admission, and its Articles of Faith and Church Covenant having been read and approved, was received into the fellowship of this Association. Messengers from other Assiociations in correspondence with this were received and invited to seats.

A letter from the Board of Managers of the Baptist Orphans' Home in Louisville was read, introducing the Matron, Miss Mary Hollingsworth.

Reports on Home, Foreign and State Missions, Education and Sunday Schools, received and discussed.

Resolutions commendatory of Georgetown College, under the Presidency
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of Dr. Basil Manly; of the Lexington Female College, under the charge of Robt. Ryland; and the Georgetown Female Seminary, under the charge of Prof. J. J. Rucker were adopted.

Resolutions adopted favoring the enlaregement of Pawling Hall, and appointing a committee to raise, by subscription, the sum of $5,000 for that purpose, in order that the price of board may be reduced to the lowest practiceable rates.

Total membership of churches in the Association, 2,589; Baptisms during the year, 217; number of Sunday Schools reported, 25; teachers and officers, 191; scholars, 1,602; contributions for Sunday School purpose, $1,266; conversions of pupils, 63.


The Association was held with the Baptist Church, in Lexington, Aug, 12th, 13th, l4th. Introductory sermon by Elder Basil Manly, on Rev. 5:12.

Delegates from 24 churches organized by electing Elder George Hunt Moderator, and J. J. Rucker, Clerk. Messengers from sixteen corresponding Associations presented letters and were invited to seats.

Elder J. P. Boyce, representing Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Elder L. M. Berry, representing the Domestic and Indian Mission; Elder S. H. Ford, representing the Christian Repository; Elder A. C. Caperton, representing Western Recorder; Prof. J. W. Rust, representing Orphans' Home, Louisville, were invited "to participate in the exercises." Dr. Boyce was invited to "present the claims of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary."

Resolutions adopted: "That this Association cordially approve of the establishment of the Louisville Baptist Orphans' Home, and recommend it to our churches and people as worthy of liberal and continued contributions."

"That this Association make the effort to raise thirty thousand dollars to endow a school in the Theological Seminary, proposed to be located at Louisville, Ky., and that Dr. J. P. Boyce be invited to visit our churches to assist in raising this amount."

The Committee on Obituaries reported the death during the past year of brethren Caswell, Wethers, of David's Fork Chlirch; of Nicholas Long, of the Great Crossings Church; and of Fabricius C. McCalla of Stamping Ground Church, for many years Clerk of this body and subsequently its Moderator.

Total membership of churches, 2,651; Baptisms, 105; Sunday Schools, 23; teachers, 232; scholars, 1,743; contributions for Sunday School purposes, $1,429.05.; conversions, 61.


The Association held its eighty-ninth session with the Baptist Church at East Hickman, Fayette County, Ky. Introductory sermon by Elder R. M. Dudley, on Acts 16:30-31.

Delegates from 24 churches, representing an aggregate membership of 2,670. Organized by electing Elder Geo. Hunt Moderator, and J. J. Rucker, Clerk. Messengers from corresponding Associations: -- Bracken, Union, Long Run, Boone's Creek, Franklin, Tate's Creek and South District, invited to seats.

Committee on Temperance reported the following resolution which was unanimous adopted:
Resolved, "That we discountenance, and recommend to the churches to do the same, the practice of dram drinking by Baptists, whether at the public bar or in the private family, as a ruinious practice, being the first step to drunkeness, and earnestly urge them to cease from it."
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Resolved, "That an Executive Committee of five be appointed to inaugurate vigorous measures for sustaining missionaries within the bounds of this Association as well as beyond its territory."

The Committee on Foreign Missions report seven thousand dollars, contributed, during the iast year to the Mission Board at Richmond,"less than ten cents each for the 75,000 white Baptists of Kentucky," -- "not such an offering as we ought to present to Him who has bestowed upon us so many temporal and spiritual blessings."

Sunday Schools reported, 22; teachers, 224; scholars, 1,467; conversions, 87; contributions, $1,229.50.


The Nineteenth [Ninetieth] Anniversary of the Association was held with the Clear Creek Baptist Church, Woodtord County, Ky., on the 17th, I8th and 19th of August. Introductory sermon by Elder W. S. Ryland, from 2d Cor., x:4. Delegates from twenty-six churches organized by electing Elder George Hunt, Moderator, and B. W. D. Seeley, Clerk.

Bethlehem Church, Fayette County, constituted since the last session of the Association, applied for membership in this body and was unanimously received.

The Pilgrim Church of Lexington, also made application for membership, and was unanimously received.

Elder B. Manly was appointed to write the next Circular Letter, and requested to make it historical.

"Voted, that member of any church in the Association attending any Association with which we correspond, be recognized as our messengers to such Associations."

Sermons preached at the stand by Elder J. A. Kirtley, B. Manly, W. H. Felix, C. G. Skillman, L, B. Woolfolk and S. L. Helm.

Reports on Foreign Missions, Home Missions, State Missions, Education and Sunday Schools were made and discussed.

Number of churches in the Association, 26; total membership, 2,961, Baptisms during the year, 239. Number of Sunday Schools, 27; teachers in same, 215. Number of scholars, 1,517. Number of conversions, 81; contributed for Sunday School purposes, $1,096.86.

[From Elkhorn Baptist Association Minutes, 1885, pp. 24-28. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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