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The First Regular Baptist Church
Dayton, Ohio
By Henry F. Colby, Pastor


     "'It was on the twenty-ninth of May, 1824, that a council assembled in Dayton for the constitution of the Baptist Church.... The council was composed of seventeen persons, nine of whom were ministers. Besides Elder Wilson Thompson, Pastor of Lebanon Baptist Church, the moderator, and Elder Stephen Gard, there were Elder John Thomas, Pastor of King's Creek Baptist Church; and Elder John Guthridge, who had been pastor of King's Creek. Elder Nathaniel Tibbets, who had been pastor of the first Baptist church in Cincinnati and Elder Jacob Mulford, pastor of Wolf Creek and Tapscott Baptist Churches were there. Elder Corbly Martin, the clerk of the council, lived in the Lebanon area and subsequently adopted Campbellite views. Elder Daniel Bryant, at the time pastor of Mill Creek Baptist Church near Cincinnati, and another brother were there.

     There were nine members there at the time of the constitution of the church. 'The articles of faith were carefully considered.' They took high Calvinistic ground, in common with those of other Baptist churches of that time, using stronger expressions on some points than most Baptist churches of the present day would be willing to use in such a document. They insisted that the redemption which Christ wrought out was special and particular; in other words, that it was only for the elect."


[Henry F. Colby, The First Regular Baptist Church, Dayton, Ohio, (Dayton: The Walker Litho & Printing Company), 1924, pp. 13-14. This book is available at the Dayton/Montgomery County Public Library, Dayton, OH. Scanned by Jim Duvall]

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