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The Organization of the First Baptist Church
Covington, Kentucky
     "On the 10th of March, 1838, messengers from the Baptist Churches at Licking, Dry Creek, Four Mile and East Bend, Kentucky, and Ninth Street and Enon Baptist Churches, Cincinnati, Ohio, met in a school house on the northeast corner of Fourth and Scott Streets in this city. Elder S. W. Lynd preached from Acts 2:47, whereupon twenty-one brethren and sisters from various Baptist Churches presented themselves and were publicly recognized by the messengers from the above-named churches as the First Baptist Church in Covington, Kentucky."


Pastors of the Church

	Rev. John  B. Cook		March, 1838  to  January, 1839.
	Revs. Savage & Drury, Supplies	January, 1839  to  October, 1839.
	Rev. Joseph T. Robert		October, 1839   to  February, 1842.
	Rev. Asa Drury			May, 1842  to  January, 1845.
	Rev. R. C. Patterson, Supply	September, 1845  to  March, 1846.
	Rev. James M. Frost		March, 1846  to  June, 1848.
	Rev. Asa Drury, Supply		August, 1848  to  February, 1849.
	Rev. Samuel W. Lynd		February, 1849  to  November, 1852.
	Rev. John M. Peck 		November, 1852  to  March, 1854.
	Rev. S. L. Helm			September, 1854  to  _________.
	Rev. William Price		April, 1860  to  October, 1861.
	Rev. W. P. Yeatman		September, 1862  to  February, 1868.
	Rev. G. F. Pentecost 		August, 1868  to  December, 1869.
	Rev. W. H. Felix  		July, 1870  to  December, 1884.
	Rev. W. O. Bailey		March, 1885  to  January, 1887.
	Rev. A. C. Davidson 		November, 1887  to  August, 1893.
	Rev. C. G. Jones 		November, 1894  to  May, 1902.
	Rev. C. W. Daniels 		October, 1902  to  September, 1905.
	Rev. W. M. Wood		        January, 1906  to  April, 1908.
	Rev. A. C. Davidson 		October, 1908  to  October, 1912.
	Rev. R. B. McDaniel 		February, 1913  to  September, 1917.
	Rev. L. L. Henson 		March, 1918  to  May, 1928.


[Taken from The First Baptist Church, Covington, KY, Year Book and Directory, 1928. From a copy at the Kenton County Public Library, Covington, KY. - Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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