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Letters from C. D. Cole to H. B. Taylor

Mortons Gap, Ky.
June 25th, 1930.

     Dear Brother Taylor: -
     Just a word to express my appreciation for your work in the debate with C. R. Nichol at Benton.

     First, let me say that I am entirely satisfied with the way you did the job. Your conduct, in the face of much provocation, was indeed admirable and honorable. Your manifest desire to get the truth before the great crowds, and your willingness to ignore ridicule was most commendable. Your physical endurance was certainly an answer to prayer. It was evident to everyone that you were growing stronger each day of the debate.

     I am glad that I was there. Prof. Gentry, a young believer, and principal of our school here, attended the debate with me, and was charmed with your work. He had never heard you before, but is saying that he wants to come to Murray to hear you. I am sure the discussion will prove a blessing in his life. Let me say again that I love you for your unselfish devotion to the once delivered faiath. Mrs. Cole sends to sister Taylor and yourself the kindest regards.

Yours in electing grace,
C. D. Cole

Mortons Gap, Ky.
Sept. 25, 1930.

     Dear Brother Taylor:
I notice my subscription expires with this issue of News and Truths. Enclosed is a check for renewal. Please change my address to Titusville, Fla. I did something last night that I have never done before - called for church letters for myself and Mrs. Cole. Neither of us have ever been members of any church save Mortons Gap. The leave-taking is painful beyond expression. Imagine yourself packing up to leave Murray. I have been a resident of Mortons Gap for almost a quarter of a century, and pastor of the church nearly twenty years. But the Lord's lending is so clear thai I dare not but follow.

     I think the church here is in as good condition as it has ever been. So far as I can tell it has completely recovered from Pink's attack. The industrial condition is much improved - mines running every day now. I have steadfastly refused to recommend any of the brethren to the pastorate. The church has a wide aquaintance with the ministry, and their immediate task is to supplicate Jesus Christ, the Head of the church, to show them whom He has chosen for the place. I beg you to join us in prayer to that end. Some of the choicest saints, and some of the greatest theologians (I weigh, my words) are members of this church. I do not know what the future holds for me at Titusville. If the church there will only hear my messages, in the fear of God it will give me great joy. Do pray for my work there. It is hard to leave the fellowship of men like Connaway, Winstead, et al. And, I am thinking, too, of the many churches in West Kentucky where I have had such a hearty welcome and blessed fellowship. The closing verses of the 20th chapter of Acts are much before me, but I dare not read them publicly these last days here. I anticipate, at least one trip to Kentucky each year, and that a[t] the time of the Murray Institute.

     Mrs. Cole joins me in sending Christian love to yourself, and Sister Taylor. Also remember us to the saints there.

Yours for the furtherance of the gospel,
C. D. Cole.

     We count Bro. Cole's going from West Kentucky both a personal and denominatinal loss; but the will of the Lord be done. Will expect you in February. - Editor.


[From H. Boyce Taylor, editor, News and Truths, 1930. Document provided by Ben Stratton. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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