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A Forgotten Baptist College

From News and Truths
FBC, Murray, Kentucky
      In this issue you will find an "ad" for Clinton College. This is the only Kentucky Baptist school west of the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers. It has taken on new life under the management of President Lowry and the outlook for the coming session is brighter than ever before. The course of study is more thorough than in many years and in every way possible the standard of excellence is being raised. Our Baptist people in the eight counties west of the rivers ought to rally to the support of this - our own school. Ernest efforts are being put forth to strengthen the Bible department of this school by securing one of the safest, sanest, best teachers of the Bible and our Baptist doctrines in all the South. We sincerely hope that they may secure him for this work, Clinton College is trying to "keep the quality up" and improve every department possible. Instead of sending their boys and girls to Bowling Green, Lexington and other state schools or other cheap schools of the normal variety, Baptists ought to send their children to our Baptist schools. Our Shibboleth should be Baptist schools for our Baptist boys and girls and as a loyal son of Old Kentucky we might add Kentucky Baptist schools for Kentucky Baptist boys and girls.

      Reader, if you live in West Kentucky and want to send your children to a co-educational school send them to Clinton College; if you prefer a college exclusively for boys send your boys to Bethel College. If you are a booster, boost our Baptist school. Since writing the above, we learn that Dr. J. H. Anderson has accepted the work as teacher of the Bible and Theology at Clinton College. We rejoice that he is coming to West Kentucky. We count B. H. Carroll and J. H. Anderson the two greatest teachers and expounders of the Bible in all our Southland. If Bro. Anderson plans for a pastor's course in Bible study and exposition, as we hope he will, every pastor in reach of Clinton College, who has not already had such a course, ought to take advantage of such a rare treat. Many of our laymen, whom God has blessed with this world's goods, ought to count it a privilege to give $100 a year towards the salary of this man of God, while he teaches our young preachers the Old Book.

      Well did the Psalmist say: "In God have I put my trust, I will not be afraid, what can man do unto me?” And Isaiah says; "Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is staid on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee." He giveth His beloved, who cast their cares upon Him, rest, peace, freedom from anxiety and sweet refreshing sleep.


ORGANIZATION - Clinton College has been re-organized and the the Board of Trustees is now composed of some of the most prominent Baptists of West Kentucky. These men are sound in judgment and loyal to our cause. With such men at the helm, we feel safe in saying that Clinton will be able to give the best that schools can afford.

CHARACTER OF WORK - We offer three leading courses of study. Three years Bachelor of Literature, three years Bachelor of Science and four years Bachelor of Arts.

LEADING SUBJECTS TAUGHT - Greek, Latin, French, German, Ethics, History, Philosophy. Mathematics, English Literature, Natural Sciences. Special Subjects, Bible Pedagogy, Art, Music. Expression, Book-keeping. Typewriting.

FACULTY - Our teachers are among the best the country can afford. They are specialists and come from the best colleges of the North and South. We have twelve instructors.

LOCATION - Clinton College is located in Clinton, Ky., a beautiful town of about 2,500 people. It is a school town freed from the saloon and other low resorts. It's health record cannot be surpassed by any town in this section.

BUILDINGS - We have three beautiful buildings situated in a ten acre campus. The campus is shaded by stately nativ« forest trees and sodded with grass. The situation is ideal. We have added several rooms to the main building - an up-to-date building. It has modern furnishings throughout.
     The girls home is a three story brick, elegantly furnished, steam heated and electric lighted.
     The boys occupy the Willis White Memorial Hall, a beautful newly finished building. The rooms are nicely papered and furnished.

CARE OF STUDENTS - No school offers better care for students. The president, family and lady teachers live in the girls' home. The male teachers live in the new boys' home. Teachers and pupils eat at the same tables. The girls and boys are under the direct supervision of the teachers day and night. Mental, moral and religious instruction are all provided for.

EXPENSES - ENDOWED INSTITUTION. Gives education below cost. Board, room, heat, lights and tuition $120.00 for the session. For further information or catalog, address,
J. A. LOWRY, President, Clinton, Ky.

P. S. Special inducement to a few young men and women.

The college was established in 1873 and existed for forty years.

[From News and Truths, FBC, Murray, Kentucky, August 19, 1910, pp. 1 & 2. Document provided by Ben Stratton. Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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