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Campbellite Theological Dictionary
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Via The Baptist, 1835
      Difficulties often arise in understanding the reforming "proclaimers," owing to the ambiguity of some of the terms they often use. We have known some Baptists who thought they really had heard a first-rate sermon from them - one entirely destitute of the peculiarities of the "reformation." Why, say they, he talked of faith and repentance, and the operations of the spirit, &c. Well, so he did no doubt; but then he did not tell you what he meant by those terms. To afford a key therefore to the interpretation of a Campbellite proclamation, the following stray leaf from a Campbellite Theological Dictionary, may not be unprofitable:-


The Reformation: Progress of Campbellism.
Creed: What you believe.
No Creed: What I believe.
Obedience: To be immersed for the actual remission of sins.
Immersion: Conversion, regeneration. It was ordained for the actual remission of sins of the believer - to reconcile him, to adopt him, to sanctify him.
Faith: The belief of Testimony. The faith of the New Testament is nothing more than an assent of the mind to the truth of Messiah's history. All faith is therefore historical. - Men, angels and evils can make it nothing more.
Sectarianism: Your ism
Anti-Sectarianism: My ism

The ancient order of things: Certain items written in the Christian Baptist written by Mr. A. Campbell.

"The ancient Gospel: Mr. Campbell's views contained in the essays above names.
Experimental religion: one of the monstrous abortions of purblind theology.
Repentance: A word not considered orthodox by the reformed congregations, and one that is teaching them must say "reform" as we are taught by the New Version. But a bishop nevertheless may in entire accordance to our feelings, when he thinks it necessary to preach repentance. We should compass sea and land to make a proselyte, &c.
Reform: Reform Vide: the New Version, Alias the New Testament reformed.
Into the name: A phrase peculiar to the reformation, and means - into the name.
Holy Spirit: This word sometimes means the Scriptures; as, "none can say that Jesus is the Lord but by the Holy Ghost," Spirit or Scriptures. Again it means certain feelings which none but the reformed experience after their sins arc actually remitted by immersion. They then have a holy spirit. It has other significations which are of no practical advantage. The sects are much deluded on the subject.
Church: The sectarian name of congregation. Church literally means congregation; but the latter has certain superlative excellences over the former which none but the reformed eyes can discern.
Sunday: A heathenish name for the first day of the week or Lord's day. Sunday and Lord's day are the same day; but the disciples should never call it by the former name because it is derived from the sun, an object of heathen worship. And since Monday it derived from the moon, Tuesday from Tuisco a German hero, Wednesday from Woden the God of battle, etc. it is suggested that we conform to the ancient order of things, and say first, second, third day of the week, &c .
Disciple: This signifies one taught by Mr. Campbell.
Conversion: The act of turning to God by immersion.
Regeneration: Born of water; immersion.
Washing of regeneration, or as more beautifully expressed in the New Version, Bath of regeneration; immersion.
Remission of sins: The thing obtained by immersion.
The New Birth: Immersion.
Operations of the Spirit: Reading the word of God.
The word of God: The last edition of Mr. Campbell's New Testament.


[From R. B. C. Howell, editor, The Baptist, December, 1835, p. 191; via the Baptist Banner. Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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