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"Campbellites baptize adults but deny the work of the Spirit. Their concept of faith is mere intellectual assent. Their idea of repentance is nothing more than a little personal reformation. Their baptisms are preceded by no confession of Christ that involves an experience of grace." [Ron Crisp]

Alexander Campbell, Kentucky, and King James
By R. L. Vaughn, May, 2018

The Beginning of the Alexander Campbell Movement
[And Its Impact on Kentucky Baptist Churches]
By Frank M. Masters

Alexander Campbell In Kentucky
By Frank M. Masters

Mr. A. Campbell, the Founder of a Sect
The Baptist newspaper, 1867

Circular Letter on Campbellism
Franklin Association, 1830
The principle object of the Letter was to define Campbellism
By Silas M. Noel

Defects of Campbellite Repentance and Faith
By W. C. Taylor

Tenants of Alexander Campbell for Salvation
The Christian Repository, 1888

Alexander Campbell and the
Mahoning Baptist Association (VA)

By Frank Masters, 1953

The Schism of Alexander Campbell
By John T. Christian

Campbellite Theological Dictionary
From the Baptist Banner
Via The Baptist, 1835

Baptism and Remission
By J. E. Farnam
The Baptist Quarterly, 1877

Alexander Campbell and His Assault on the Baptists in Kentucky
By J. H. Spencer, 1885

Edmund Waller
Frontier Baptist Minister
"Burning Alexander Campbellā€™s Testament"

The Elkhorn Association and the
Campbellite Jacob Creath, Jr. - 1830

The Diving Line Between The People Called Baptists
And Those Called Church of Christ On Bible Doctrine

By Frank M. Masters

Of the Church of Christ at South Elkhorn to the Elkhorn Association.
[This church was dismissed from the Elkhorn Association
for following the teachings of Alexander Campbell]
ca. 1831

J. N. Hall's "Campbellite Catechism -
with Conflicting Answers of Two Distinguished Campbellites"

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[Thanks to Steve Lecrone for locating this documents.]

The Apostolic Succession of Churches
By S. H. Ford, 1861

J. R. Graves / Alexander Campbell Dispute
By Samuel H. Ford, 1900

Campbellism Controversy in the Miami Baptist Association (OH)
By G. W. Lasher, D. D., 1898

A Little Discussion with Alexander Campbell
By James M. Pendleton

Early History of David's Fork Baptist Church
Lexington, Kentucky
By Samuel H. Ford, 1858
This document includes the church's records
concerning the tactics of Campbell's followers.

The Theory of Baptismal Regeneration - Acts 2:38
By B. H. Carroll
An Interpretation of the English Bible

Dover Association - Resolution on Campbellism, 1832
By John T. Christian

A History of Clear Creek Church
and Campbellism Exposed

By John Taylor, 1830

James A. Kirtley's Comments on Campbellism
Northbend Baptist Association Minutes, (KY)

"Campbellism Examined"
By Jeremiah B. Jeter
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