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A Chart of the Early Baptist Associations
     By the year 1800, forty-eight associations had been organized as follows:

Philadelphia (1707);
Charleston (1751);
Sandy Creek, N. C. (1758);
Kehukee, N. C. (1765);
Ketocton, Va. (1766);
Warren, R. I. (1767);
Rapidan, Va. (1770);
Congaree, S. C. (1771, recognized as Bethel in 1789);
Stonington, Conn. (1772);
Redstone, Pa. and Strawberry, Va. (1776);
Shaftesbury, Vt. (1780);
Holston, Tenn. (1781);
Salisbury, Md. (1782);
Woodstock, Vt., Dover, Va., and Middle District, Va. (1783);
Georgia, (1784);
New Hampshire (1785, though 1776 is also given as a date. It was later called the York, Me.);
Vermont, Elkhorn, Ky., South Kentucky, and Salem, Ky. (1785);
Bowdoinham, Me. (1787);
Roanoke, Va. (1788);
Portsmouth, Va., and Yadkin, S. C. (1790);
New York and Warwick, N. Y. (1791);
Baltimore, Goshen, Va., and Shiloh, Va. (1792);
New River, Va., and Tates Creek, Ky. (1793) ;
Hepzibah, Ga., and Neuse, N. C. (1794);
Ostego, N. Y. (1795);
Rensselaerville, N. Y., New District, Tenn., Chemung, Pa., and Fairfield, Vt. (1796);
Miami, Ohio (1797);
Delaware (before 1798);
Mayo, N. C., Mountain, N. C., Sarepta, Ga., Green River, Ky., and Cumberland River, Ky. (1790).


[Taken from John T. Christian, A History of the Baptists, 1926, Volume 2; reprint, pp. 150, Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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