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Alabama Correspondence
Jackson County, ALA.
December 25, 1848
From the Tennessee Baptist newspaper
      Bro. Graves:
      In this time of so general revivals, it is nothing new to hear of any particular revival, but believing it is ever pleasing to the friends of Jesus to hear of the extension of his kingdom, I have thought to inform the readers of your valuable paper of his goodness in visiting this part of his government in mercy. I have been preaching upon the Sand mountain about five years, during which time there have been little revivals. Some time in October 1847, I settled upon the mountain with my family. Every thing, in a moral point of view, appeared to wear a gloomy aspect until about the middle of September, there appeared to be more interest manifested both with Christians and sinners. On the 2d Sabbath in October at our regular time of preaching the work of the Lord appeared more powerfully revived, some professed to find the Lord precious; our meetings then become more frequent and more interesting, until about the last of November, during which between forty and fifty have professed a hope in Christ. I have baptized twenty-eight since the meeting commenced. There is scarcely one left in the region round about, to advocate the cause of sin and unrighteousness.

      I cannot close without stating one particular occurrence. About the commencement of our revival a lady joined the church her husband used every vile means to prevent her from being baptized, she still contended to follow the Saviour, when arguments would avail nothing, he threatened to leave her, finding this did not shake her resolution, be kindled a fire and threatened to burn her clothes, still she was determined to obey the Lord. She finally came forward and was buried with Christ by baptism; he left the place determined to live with her no more, but the Lord opened his eyes and showed him that he was a great sinner; he came and acknowledged his sins, sued for pardon, found mercy and became one of the most active young converts during the remaining part of the revival that I ever saw. I have already, I fear, trespassed upon your patience. I will close by subscribing myself your strange friend and brother in Christ.


[From the Tennessee Baptist newspaper, 1849; CD edition from M/F. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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