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Early Mission Work in Africa

On the Introduction of Christianity Into,
and The Past of West Africa

By Mark C. Hayford,1900

First Efforts at Mission Work in Western Africa - Lott Carey
By William Gammell
Professor in Brown University, 1854

Lott Cary
Early Black Baptist Missionary to Africa
By William Crane, Esq.

Early African Baptist Missions
By Henry C. Vedder, 1927

Africa for Christ - The Congo Mission
By Revs. T. J. Comber and George Grenfell
The Missionary Herald of
The Baptist Missionary Society, 1885

The Congo Mission Story
A Sermon Preached at Bristol, England
By Rev. Richard Glover, D.D., 1906

Thomas Jefferson Bowen
Early West African Baptist Missionary

Rev. Harvey Goodale
Missionary to Africa
Tennessee Baptist Newspaper

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