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Richmond, December 25, 1849.

Bro. Graves:
      In a notice of bro. Goodale's transfer from the China, to the Central African Mission, contained in your paper, you inquire respecting his relation to the Big Hatchie Association. Permit me to say, that on account of the importance of the new enterprise, and the adaptedness of bro. Goodale to such a work, as well as the fact, that he could not for many months go to China, it was thought advisable to make the transfer. It was done so, with his own consent. We have written to the Big Hatchie Association, that they can still regard him as the missionary to be sustained by them, or, if they prefer it, some other brother connected with the China Mission, can be designated.

      Brethren Bowen, Goodale and Hill sailed on yesterday week, from Providence, for their field in Central Africa. The Board regard this as one of the most interesting positions, now occupied by missionaries, on the face of the Globe, and they hereby bespeak the earnest and believing supplications of the Saints on behalf of their little band who have gone from our midst.
      James B. Taylor
Corresponding Secretary, Foreign Mission Board, S.B.C.


[From the Tennessee Baptist, January 17, 1850, p. 2. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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