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Documents Posted in August, 2020

Journal of James Madison Pendleton
His Trip to Triennial Convention for Foreign Missions
Philadelphia, 1844

Bartholomew T. Welch
Early 19th Century Baptist Minister

Peter S. Gayle
Tennessee Pioneer Baptist Preacher

The Hated Sect
By F. M. Barker
The Baptist Preacher, 1855

Publications of the Kentucky Baptist Historical Society, 1911
I. The Revival of 1800-l - by Rev. O. Olin Greene.
II. The Laying On of Hands - A Forgotten Chapter in Baptist History
by W. J. McGlothlin, D.D.
III. Doctrinal Position of Some Kentucky Baptist Associations -
Original Confessions.

IV. "The Boone Family and Kentucky Baptists"
By Leo T. Crismon, 1946
Publications of the Spencer Historical Society
A Kentucky Baptist Historical Society

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