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Kentucky Baptist Historical Society
Annual Meeting in 1913
      Among the allied meetings held in connection with the General Association was the eleventh annual meeting of the Kentucky Baptist Historical Society, which held a brief session of an hour on Tuesday morning. The officers of last year were as follows: President, Dr. W. J. McGlothlin; vice-president, Hon. B. F. Procter, of Bowling Green, and secretary-treasurer. Rev. Thos. A. Johnson, of Louisville. Rev. R. B. McDanel of Covington, Ky., read an interesting paper on "The First Seventy-five Years of the First Baptist of Covington". Announcement was made of the third volume of Kentucky Baptist Historical Society Publications, including the above-named paper, another of Rev. F. W. Eberhardt, D.D., on "Silas Mercer Noel", and the "Minutes of the Kehukey Baptist Association" of Halifax county, province of North Carolina, from 1769 to 1778. This is an exceedingly interesting old document, reproduced as nearly as verbatim et literatim, and reflects some striking customs and characteristics of the Baptists of that early period. Copies of this publication may be had for fifty cents by addressing the secretary of the society.
[From The Baptist World, November 20, 1913, p. 8. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

     The Kentucky Baptist Historical Society no longer exists. The J.H. Spencer Historical Society was established ten years ago to work in preserving and promoting our Kentucky Baptist heritage and historic Baptist distinctives. The Spencer Journal is issued annually to all members of the society. An application to join the society is here.

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