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North Bend Association, 1909
Northern Kentucky
      North Bend held their annual session of two days, September 8 and 9 with Bullittsville [Bullittsburg Baptist] church, Boone county.

      Moderator Wm. McMillan.

      Introductory sermon was preached by Rev. William McMillan, pastor of Big Bone church. He was also re-elected moderator by acclamation. Dr. A. C. Davidson, who nominated Bro. McMillan was chosen assistant moderator by unanimous vote of the body.

      Banker S. L. Webb was re-elected clerk. T. M. Swindler was chosen treasurer. The writer has frequently attended the meetings of this association for the past twenty-five years and missed many familiar faces from the meeting, who have gone to their reward. The learned James A. Kirtley, D.D., was, for over thirty years, pastor of Bullittsville [sic] church, and for over fifty years pastor of Big Bone church. His brother, Robert [E.] Kirtley, was also a prominent figure and both were recognized as leaders throughout the state. Pastor C. V. Brooks, of our Seminary, is the popular young pastor, and he, with his committee on entertainment, did nobly. Churches were well represented by letters and messengers. Dr. A. C. Davidson, pastor First church, Covington, and his people were well represented. He is a universal favorite.

      Rev. Allie Stith preaches for a church of 61 members. Their contributions for the year averaged $8.90 per member.

      The writer gratefully enjoyed the boundless hospitality of Mrs. Owen and Mrs. Mary Gaines, in company with Brethren E. B. Sayers, Rev. F. C. Gates, and their wives. Mrs. Roundebush and eight or ten other guests. Brother Gates is pastor of South Side, Covington, and as usual he is bringing things to pass. Pastor Burns of Madison Avenue [Covington], has found willing workers and the prospect is encouraging. The new pastor of Third church, Covington, Rev. L. A. Cooper, formerly successful evangelist, is greatly encouraged, and by the help of the Lord, he and his people are going to be heard from in doing great things. The cause at Latonia, under the able leadership of Pastor Ellis, is prosperous and we might say as much of other pastors if we had space.

      The memorial services in honor of Rev. Logan Vickers were impressive. He was one of our most useful preachers and he is greatly missed. The next annual meeting with Big Bone church.
H. [W.P. Harvey]


[From The Baptist World, September 16, 1909, p. 25; via Baylor U. digital document. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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