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Elkhorn Baptist Association
Central Kentucky
From The Baptist World, 1909
      A beautiful thing was done, worthy of this famous old association. Prof. J. A. Burns told how at Oneida, Ky., his school had awakened an ambition in a score of girls nearby, who were very poor indeed, unable to have any hopes for an education. He felt responsible for their suffering and had resolved in some way to see their desires gratified. He did not speak long, and there was nothing of the usual appeal, but the body was profoundly moved, and promptly raised a thousand dollars, more than was absolutely needed. That was a good thing!

      The next best thing was a night session given to the Laymen's Movement. Moderator Howard, a layman, happily presided and several earnest and strong addresses were made by other laymen. Brother George Minary, Versailles, spoke on "Laymen in the Bible School". He is at home there and knew what to say. Mr. J. W. Black, Midway, a mountain product, spoke on Home Missions; and Mr. W. P. Kimble, Lexington, on "The Layman and the Preacher". Such speakers would make any meeting profitable. Evangelist Sledge was called out and spoke strikingly of the weaknesses and strength of both preachers and laymen. Dr. J. M. Frost said: "You brethren are not alone in such meetings and such plans. The Laymen's Movement is stirring things in a number of states. I rejoice in what I see here tonight." Many laymen were present and another such meeting was ordered next year when the body meets at Georgetown.

      Another excellent and enjoyable feature was the singing of a male quartet led by Pastor Scruggs. They were always ready and their list of good songs seemed endless. Mrs. W. J. McGlothlin led finely in singing "A Strong Foundation", to the tune of "My Old Kentucky Home". This song is making "a hit” - page 8 in the Baptist World's new song book, "Precious Jewels of Sacred Song".

      President Yager and Pastor Scruggs told how successful and useful was the B. Y. P. U. encampment at Georgetown College last year, and promised another encampment next summer. Dr. Frost said he was there and that it was "one of the best of the fifteen in the South". Everybody was glad to see Dr. Frost. That association is his old stamping ground, and he loves every hill and every church in its bounds.

      The officers were: I. B. Howard, moderator, and Malcolm Thompson, clerk, a good "battery". Amongst other outside visitors were Brethren J. B. Moody, S. C. Humphreys, W. J. McGlothlin, W. J. Mahoney, J. D. Maddox, J. N. Prestridge. At Midway [Baptist Church] hospitality and all other good things meet. The entertainment was perfect. I was a guest at Dr. Fleet's which made me regret the time for the association to end.

      Some statistics:
     Baptisms 497
     Received by letter 435


[From The Baptist World, 1909, September 16, p. 25; via Baylor U. digital documents. [ ] added. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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