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1872 Logan County Baptist Association Bible Conference Program

Clear Fork Baptist Association (Renamed Logan County Baptist Association in 1903)
Held at the Friendship Baptist Church, Auburn, Kentucky
September 19, 1872

     1. Sermon for Criticism – Elder George H. Baker
     2. The Essential Qualifications of an Administrator of Baptism – Elder W.C. Taylor
     3. The Reciprocal Relations of Deacons and Church Members – Elder B. Roberts
     4. Is Foot-washing an Ordinance of the Church and Should it be Continued as such? – Elder George Minton
     5. Adoption – Elder J.H. Felts
     6. Will All Truly Regenerated Persons be Saved? – Elder J.W.C. Mansfield
     7. The Best Method of Getting Up and Sustaining a Sunday-School – Elder G.B. Dunn
     8. The Duties of the Churches to their Pastors – Elder J.C. Thompson
     9. The Duties of the Pastors to the Churches – Deacon C.D. Dawson
     10. Skeleton of a Sermon, with choice of text – John Kennerly, Licentiate; John Preston, the same.

     Time of next meeting, Thursday before the third Sunday in September; place Bethlehem Baptist Church, Logan Co., Ky.

     (This program was printed in the minutes of the Clear Fork Baptist Association in 1872. It shows how our Baptist forefathers emphasized sound doctrine. Kentucky Baptists in the 19th century did not have ruling elders, but often referred to their pastors as “Elder” so and so. The Friendship Baptist Church became the New Friendship Baptist Church in 1875 and still exists today. W.C. Taylor is the most famous of the names listed. At this time he was considered the greatest pulpit orator in Kentucky. He pastored the Friendship, Auburn, Clear Fork, Smith’s Grove, Nelson Creek, FBC Greenville, FBC, Mayfield, and many other churches. His son was the noted Baptist pastor H. Boyce Taylor.)

[From westkybaptist Bible Conference August 3, 2018. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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