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W. K. Wood
Kentucky Baptist Pastor
By L. H. Tipton, 1941

      Of the living pastors, Brother W. K. Wood has served the longest in Greenup Association. He was called to be the pastor of Pollard Baptist Church in Ashland, Ky., in 1921 and has been their pastor ever since. When he was called the church had 251 members and 260 enrolled in Sunday School. Today, 1941, the church has 1,329 members and 1,374 enrolled in Sunday School. Today the church has modern, well equipped church building containing about seventy-four or more rooms and a beautiful brick parsonage near by. Brother Wood has remained with this church through seed-time and harvest, and his faithfulness has been rewarded and will yet be rewarded.

      Besides pastoring this church, Brother Wood has been a blessing to many other churches and communities in revival services. In his twenty years of service in Greenup Association he has stood for and preached the gospel truth, the Word of God, without compromise. He is fundamental but not a Fundamentalist. He is modern but not a Modernist. He is a God called, Holy Spirit led preacher, who is continually working at the task.


Baptist Pecularities By W. K. Wood, 1941

"Why We are Baptist" By W. K. Wood, 1939 [From Baptist Examiner]

[From History of Greenup Association 1841-1941. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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