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The Last Sermon of
"Father" James Whitsitt

Tennessee Baptist, 1849
      We publish this week the last sermon, in all probability our readers will ever see from the pen of our venerable brother, James Whitsitt. He is fast failing, being unable to put on his clothes or to walk alone. He is an infant in physical strength, while his intellectual faculties remain unimpaired. Elder Whitsitt, we presume is the oldest minister in the State. Few ministers have been more successful in their day, or whose worth is more fully appreciated. In proof of the esteem in which he is held by the General Association, we copy the following resolution from the minutes of 1848.

      "Resolved, That this General Association rejoices to see our venerable father Whitsitt, the father of missionary efforts among us, at this meeting, and that we welcome here this venerable and aged minister, and trust he may yet live to see many a return of anniversaries."

      The sermon we publish to-day, was the means under God, of convicting and leading to Christ, his daughter in law whom we hope he may live to see "buried with Him in baptism," as the crown, and last seal of his living ministry.


[From the Tennessee Baptist newspaper, February 1, 1849, p. 2.

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