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A Resolution of the Boone's Creek Baptist Association (KY) Concerning William Whitsitt and the Southern Baptist Seminary, 1897.

     In 1897, the Association adopted the following resolution, there being one dissenting vote:

     "Whereas, Dr. W. H. Whitsitt, of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, at Louisville, Kentucky, has published to the world prior to 1641 all Baptists practiced sprinkling and pouring as the mode of baptism, and that immersion was invented in 1641, and,

     Whereas, the publication of such views has resulted in such serious division as to threaten the disruption of our denominational enterprises, therefore, be it

     Resolved, that the peace and harmony of the cause of Christ are of more value than the position and reputation of any man; and that it is the sense of the messengers and members of the Boone's Creek Baptist Association that Dr. Whitsitt be asked by the Trustees of the Seminary to resign his position as President of that Institution, and also his professorship in the chair of Church History, and that the support and encouragement of the Baptists be withheld from the Seminary until his resignation shall be received."


[From S. J. Conkwright, History of the Churches of Boone's Creek Baptist Association of Kentucky, 1923, p. 186. jrd]

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