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How Some Baptists Were Persecuted In Virginia in the 1700s
Imprisoned Preachers and Religious Liberty
By Lewis Peyton Little, 1938

An Association Held at Burrows' Meeting House, Virginia

(Record and Letters Were Never Before Published)
From The Baptist Argus, newspaper 1898

Brief History of the First Baptist Church
Richmond, Virginia, 1840

Early Virginia Baptists
By John Leland

Report from the Lebanon Association [VA]
The Baptist newspaper, 1868

The History of Virginia Baptists
By David Benedict, 1848

The Baptists of Virginia
By John T. Christian, 1922

The Historical Significance of the Baptists
By E. Y. Mullins, 1907

The Origin of the Separate Baptists in Virginia
Semple's History of the Baptists in Virginia, 1894

The Covenant and Early History of the
First Separate Baptist Church in Virginia

The Christian Repository, 1858

"Controversies of the Early Baptists of Virginia"
By Robert Boyle C. Howell, 1857

Observations of an Attendee at the First Separate Baptist
Associational Meeting in Virginia in 1771

Reminiscences of the First African Baptist Church
Richmond, VA
By Robert Ryland (Pastor), 1855
There are three chapters.

Time Line of Black Baptists in Virginia to 1902
From Encyclopedia Virginia
By Sandy D. Martin

African Americans in Frying Pan Baptist Church
Northern Virginia
By Debbie Robison

Correspondence between Early Virginia Baptists
and President George Washington in 1789

Semple's History of the Baptists in Virginia, 1894

A Letter to Thomas Jefferson from Jeremiah Moore
An Itinerant Baptist Preacher
Arrested for Preaching W/O a License

Patrick Henry’s Defense of the Baptist Ministers
Reminiscences of Baptists Of Virginia

Persecution of Baptists in Early Virginia History
By William Fristoe, 1808

Early Baptist Persecution in Virginia
By Richard B. Cook, 1884

The Dover Association - Resolution on Campbellism, 1832
By John T. Christian

The Craig Brothers
[Elijah, Lewis and Joseph]
Early Frontier Baptist Preachers
By James B. Taylor, 1859

Ketoctin Baptist Church
Early History

Skinquarter Baptist Church
Founded 1778

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The Early Baptists of Virginia
By Robert Boyle C. Howell, 1857

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A History of the Rise and Progress of the Baptists in Virginia
By Robert B. Semple
Revised and Extended By G. W. Beal, 1894

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Documentary History of the Struggle
for Religious Freedom in Virginia

By Charles F. Freedom, 1900

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Early History of Culpeper Baptist Association (VA)
From Semple's History of the Baptists in Virginia, 1894

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Lives of Virginia Baptist Ministers
By James B. Taylor, 1838

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Alfred Street Baptist Church
Alexandria, Virginia

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William E. Hatcher, A Biography
By Eldridge B. Hatcher (His Son), 1865

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