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Organization of a Colored Baptist Association
By A. C. Caperton
The Baptist, 1868

      By consultation, the Committee appointed at the last meeting of the Big Hatchie Association [TN] to aid the colored people hereabout to organize an Association of colored Baptists, have designated the Wednesday before the fourth Lord's day in September, as the time when they will meet the colored brethren at Bartlett Station on the Memphis and Ohio railroad, to aid them in the matter. We give the names of the brethren who were designated by the Association, that all may be reminded of the appointment. A. C. Caperton, J. R. Graves, W. Gowen, G. W. Lane, B. Askew, G. W. Johnson, S. H. Ford, A. B. Miller and T. J. Hunt. It is hoped that the matter will not be neglected. Let all the colored brethren be informed as to the new appointment; and let some one see that arrangements be made with the railroads to pass the delegates at half fare. Colonel Jones, we are sure, will readily grant the favor on the Memphis and Ohio road. Who will attend to it? - A. C. Caperton

[From The Baptist, Memphis, September 5, 1868, p. 5.