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p. 215
But I would wish all to understand, that the Baptists alone were by us considered a gospel church, and thereby they received none into their fellowship or communion, except on public profession of their faith in Christ, according to the doctrine of His grace. No probationers of six months, no infants who were sprinkled on the profession of their parents, nor any others but believers in Jesus Christ were received. Therefore all who joined this Church must renounce alliance with all other denominations. That they should treat all men friendly as men, but have no communion or fellowship with any but the Baptist Church of Christ; for they should look upon all others as the daughters of mystic Babylon. "I have been thus particular, as I wish to deceive no one," said I. "We wish to be understood to say, as did the Lord in reference to this 'Mystery, Babylon' (if any of God's people be ensnared by her), 'Come out of her my people, and be ye separated from her.' If any believe the doctrine I have been preaching this day, and feel the evidence of repentance, faith, hope, and a love for God and His people, who wish to walk in the truth, and desire to partake of the ordinances of His Church, come forward. You now have, perhaps, the first opportunity in your lives of declaring for Christ; come forward, and we will hear you relate what you hope the Lord has done

p. 216
for your souls." Four persons came forward immediately. All of them were Methodists; but they fully renounced Methodism, and gave satisfactory evidence of a Christian experience, and were received to be baptized the next day.

[From The Autobiography of Elder Wilson Thompson, 1867; Moore, Wilstach & Baldwin, booksellers, Cincinnati; via - Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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