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Brief History of the First Baptist Church of Dallas
By George Jackson, 1908
      The church was organized on the 30th day of July, 1868. There were eleven constituent members, to-wit: E. G. Mays, W. L. Williams, John Hanna, Mrs. Lou B. Williams, Mrs. M. L. Bowman, Mrs. C. E. Mayo, Mrs. A. C. Mays, Mrs. N. E. Collins, Mrs. Martha Seegar, Mrs. A. C. Daniels (Akard), Mrs. M. E. Kerfoot. Upon the organization of the church, W. W. Harris was elected pastor for half his time; he served about six months and resigned.

      The church organized and maintained a Sunday School, and did the best it could without a pastor until October 8th, 1871, when Elder C. A. Stanton was called and served the church one-half his time, until May 12th, 1872, when he resigned, and Brother Abraham Weaver was called upon a salary of $1,000 a year, and served the church until Sept. 25, 1875. Rev. G. W. Rogers served as pastor from Jan. 23, 1876, to Oct. 31, 1877.

      The church was pastorless then until 1878, when Elder J. H. Curry was installed, and served the church until June, 1882, and the church was without a pastor, but not without preaching, till January, 1883, when Rev. R. T. Hanks was installed as pastor, and served until the close of the year 1889. Rev. A. M. Sims was pastor from 1890 to July, 1892. Rev. C. T. Seasholes was called to the pastorate Sept. 1, 1892, and served until July, 1897. Rev. George W. Truett, the present pastor, was called to the pastorate, and began his work Sept. 1st, 1897.

      The growth of this church has been remarkable, and has grown rapidly during the last ten years. In 1892 the membership was 643; in 1901, 1,020; at present, 1,400.

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      Under the able management and earnest preaching of our present pastor, large crowds have been attracted to hear him. The handsome and costly church that was built in 1889 and '90, and was thought at that time to be large enough to accommodate the people for the present generation, in late years has been entirely too small to accommodate the multitudes that have been attracted there.

      The present church auditorium, that is nearly completed, has a seating capacity of nearly 4,000, and is the largest church auditorium in the State, and is handsome in appearance.

      The total collections by the church for all purposes in the year 1905, was $28,675.09.

      Total collections for the year 1906, was. . . 46,490.31. Total collections for the year 1907, was. . . 49,244.11.

      The Sunday School, under the capable and efficient management of Dr. Bush Jones, our faithful superintendent, has kept pace with the church. Ten years ago, when he took charge of it, the attendance was from 225 to 250 scholars. The report for April 30th, 1908, shows enrolled for the main school. . . 711.

      The home department 350 - The cradle roll 250 - Total enrollment 1311.

      The Sunday School collections for the year ending April 30th, 1908, were $1,800.00.


[From George Jackson, Sixty Years in Texas, 1908, pp. 247-248. Document from Google Books On-line. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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