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Charles Spurgeon on Wine in the Lord's Supper

      A question having been raised, in The Christian Commonwealth, as to the wine used at the communion services at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Mr. Spurgeon wrote to the Editor as follows:

      Westwood, June 20, 1887.

      Dear Sir,

      We use Frank Wright’s unfermented wine at the Tabernacle, and have never used any other unfermented wine. I am given to understand that some of the so-called unfermented wine has in it a considerable amount of alcohol; but Mr. Wright’s is the pure juice of the grape. One person advertized his wine as used at the Tabernacle though we had never used it even on one occasion. So far as we are concerned, we use no wine but that produced by Messrs. Frank Wright, Mundy, and Co.

      Yours truly,
      C. H. SPURGEON


[From Diary, Letters & Records by his Wife and Private Secretary, Chapter XCII, Volume IV--1878-1892, Fleming Revell Co., 1900, p.135, on-line. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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