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Historical Sketch of Charles Haddon Spurgeon*
By J. B. Cranfill

      Charles Haddon Spurgeon was born June 19, 1834. Was born again December 15, 1850. Became a Baptist May 3, 1851. Became a London pastor April 25, 1854. Established publication of weekly sermon, 1854. Established the Pastor's College, 1866. Published "Pulpit Library, " 3 vols., 1856-8. Issued first number of "Illustrated Almanac, " which continued annually while he lived, 1857. Published "Saint and his Saviour, " 1857. Published "Smooth Stones from Ancient Brooks, " one volume. 1859.

      Completed Metropolitan Tabernacle, costing one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, seating capacity five thousand, 1861. Became joint editor of "Baptist Magazine;" 1861. Inaugurated "Sword and Trowel," magazine, 1865. Established Colportage Association, 1866. Published "Morning by Morning," one volume, 1866. Incorporated Stockwell Orphanage, 1867.

      BOOKS PUBLISHED - "Evening by Evening," one volume, 1868. "John Ploughman's Talks," one volume, 1869. "Treasury of David," seven large volumes, 1870-85. "Feathers for Arrows," one volume, 1870. "The Interpreter," one volume, 1872. "Lectures to Students," first series, 1875. "Trumpet Calls to Christian Energy," 1875. "Types and Emblems," 1875. "Commenting and Commentaries," 1876. "Metropolitan Tabernacle, its History and Work, 1876. Lectures to Students," second series, 1877. "John Ploughman's Pictures," 1880. "Farm Sermons," 1882. "Present Truth," 1883. "Illustrations and Meditations." 1883. "The Clue of the Maze," 1884. "Sermon Notes on the Whole Bible," four volumes, 1884-7. "Storm Signals," 1886.

      In addition to these, on dates unknown to me: "Sermons in Candles"; "Speeches at Home and Abroad"; "Catechism"; "Salt Cellars," two volumes; "Cheque Book of Faith"; "Sermons to Business Men," three volumes; and innumerable tracts, leaflets, reviews, editorials, and contributions to papers and magazines. His publications aggregate nearly one hundred volumes.

      Of his travels and pulpit ministrations all over Great Britain, in Holland, Belgium, Germany. France, and Italy, I have not time to lay a word; nor have I any data of his work for the last six years.

      He died at Mentone, France, January 31, 1892, aged fifty-seven years, seven months, and twelve days.

[J. B. Cranfill, editor, Sermons and Life Sketch of B. H. Carroll. *This is footnote # 2 in B. H. Carroll’s “Death of Spurgeon” sermon, pp. 27-28. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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