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Looking For Reprints of Old Kentucky Baptist Books?
It can be difficult to find old books by Kentucky Baptist authors. They are rare and often expensive on eBay. Here we have listed a number of reprint copies of excellent old Kentucky Baptist books. They are complete reprints and not edited or condensed versions. They will make a great addition to your library.

Books Published by the Bryan Station Baptist Church -

"Why Be A Baptist" by H. Boyce Taylor. $3.75.
Taylor (1870-1932) pastored the First Baptist Church of Murray, Kentucky from 1898-1931. B.H Carroll said this was the greatest missionary church since the New Testament. Taylor knew why he was a Baptist and wrote this book so others would know as well.

"Re-Thinking Baptist Doctrines" by Victor I. Masters. $4.00.
Masters (1867-1954) served as editor of the Western Recorder newspaper from 1921-1942. He asked twelve noted Baptist pastors in the south to explain the various Baptist distinctives. Each chapter ends with questions, making it a great book to use for discipleship and Bible study.

"Denominationaiism Put To The Test" by S.E. Tull. $1.75.
This book contains the messages Tull (1878-1973) gave at a Bible Conference at the First Baptist Church of Murray, Kentucky in 1922. Tull wanted those present to understand why he was such a strong Baptist. He pastored the First Baptist churches of Paducah and Middlesboro.

Books Published by Local Church Bible Publishers -

"Compendium of Baptist History" by J. A. Shackelford. $12.00,
In the l870's Shackelford studied for the ministry under noted Kentucky Baptist pastor J.M. Peay at the Green Briar Baptist Church in Daviess County. He published this history of the Baptists in 1891. Well documented, this is a helpful hardback book at a great price.

"Close Communion and Baptists" by J. H. Grime. $5.00.
Grime (1851-1941) pastored Baptist churches in Cave City, Upton, Glasgow, and Horse Cave Kentucky.
In this book he demonstrates the fallacy of open communion.

"The Myth of The Universal Invisible Church Theory Exploded" by Roy Mason. $4.00.
Mason (1894-1978) pastored the Benton, Livermore, Sturgis, and Branenburg Baptist churches. As a young pastor in Kentucky, Mason took a Scofield Correspondence Course and became a believer in the universal, invisible church. Through Bible study he later came to reject these unbiblical beliefs. In this book he explains why he changed his mind.

Books Published by Challenge Press -

"The Church That Jesus Built" by Roy Mason. $6.50.
H. Boyce Taylor said this was the greatest book every written besides the Bible. Mason explains the doctrine of the church and the ordinances in a way that is easy for all to understand.

"Alien Immersion and the Baptists" by William Nevins. $7.50.
A native Kentuckian, Nevins (1872-1967) pastored through the bluegrass state in the early twentieth century. This book has gone through numerous editions, including one in which R.G. Lee wrote the forward. One of the best works written on the alien immersion issue.

"History of the Baptists" by John T. Christian. 2 Volumes, $8.00 each, hardback.
One of the best works ever written on Baptist perpetuity, Christian (1854-1925) carefully documents the ancient history of the Baptists back to the New Testament. Born in Kentucky, Christian pastored throughout the south before going on to serve as professor of Church History at the New Orleans Baptist Seminary.

Baptist Succession by D.B. Ray. $8.00.
D.B. Ray pastored several churches in western Kentucky including the First Baptist church of Mayfield. Here he shows the ancient roots of the Baptists and answers the objections of Protestants and Catholics.

Books Published by the Baptist Standard Bearer -

"My Church" by J.B. Moody. $23.00.
Moody (1838-1931) pastored the first Baptist churches of Paducah, LeGrange, Owenton and Pewee Valley and was professor of theology at the Hall-Moody Institute in Martin, Tennessee. This book is a masterful work on the New Testament church.

"Church Communion as Practiced by the Baptists: Explained and Defended" By W.W. Gardner. $21.00.
Gardner (1818-1894) pastored the First Baptist churches of Shelbyvile, Maysville, Mayslick, Russellville and Glasgow and was the Professor of theology at Bethel College in Russellville, Kentucky when it was one of the leading Baptist schools in the south. Here he explains the reasons Baptists hold to local church communion.

"The Design of Baptism Viewed in Its Doctrinal Relations" by James A. Kirtley. $17.00.
Kirtley (1820-1904) grew up in northern Kentucky in the midst of Alexander Campbell's new reformation. He clearly shows the errors of baptismal regeneration. This book is a death blow to Campbellism.

"Distinctive Principles of Baptists" by J. M. Pendleton. $18.00.
Pendleton (1811-1891) pastored the First Baptist Churches of Bowling Green, Russellville, and Hopkinsville. This book is an enlargement of his earlier work "Three Reasons Why I'm a Baptist."

"The Duty of Baptists To Teach Their Distinctive Views" by John A. Broadus. $11.00.
Broadus (1827-1895) was a long time professor and later president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He strongly believed Baptists should teach and preach on their distinctive doctrines.

Books Published By Revival Literature -

"Baptist Debt to the World" by J.W. Porter. $5.99.
Porter (1863-1937) pastored throughout Kentucky. The Porter Memorial Baptist Church in Lexington is named in his honor. In his book he writes on seventeen key Baptist doctrines that need to be shared with the world.

Books Published By Lifeway -

"Church Member's Handbook" by Joe T. Odle. $1.50.
Perhaps the best booklet every written to give to new Baptist church members. First written in 1941, when Odle (1908-1980) pastored the East Baptist Church in Paducah, Kentucky. A great introduction to Baptist history, doctrine, and polity. Millions have been published and the booklet is still in print. This is one sound book that every Lifeway store still carries.

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