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A Series of Three Lectures On "THE TRAIL OF BLOOD"
by T. P. Simmons

      These lectures trace church history, with special emphasis on the place of Baptists in history. They show the origin and development of Catholicism and the rise of Protestantism therefrom. They show how Baptists got their name. They answer the question that has perplexed many historians: From whence came Baptists?

      A chart, twenty feet long and five feet high, which enables all to visualize church history, is used. This chart was prepared by Dr. J. M. Carroll, of Texas, after years of thorough research.

      These lectures, which are really only illustrated sermons, involve much exposition of Scripture, and they contain a distinct and ever recurring evangelistic element; being followed with an evangelistic appeal. The author above has delivered these lectures in several states, ranging from Michigan to Florida and from Virginia to Texas; and always there has been the most wholesome and gratifying reaction. They contain no bigotry or mudslinging, and give no undue cause of offence to anybody. The author makes no effort to coerce, but freely and happily recognizes, not only the right, but also the duty of every person to think for himself. He commends his own convictions to the careful and prayerful consideration of his audience to be accepted or rejected by them according as they are considered as agreeing or disagreeing with the Word of God.

      Any three services in close proximity will do for the lectures. All the author asks by way of remuneration is a free will offering, with emphasis on "free." For Bible institutes, conferences, assemblies, and the like, where a special offering is impracticable, these lectures will be given without charge, providing this can be arranged feasibly and traveling expenses and entertainment are provided.

      Engagements are hereby solicited everywhere. Write today for date.

T. P. Simmons,
7044 Frederick,
Detroit, Michigan

[From The Baptist Examiner, February 4, 1930, p. 2. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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