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     The following are taken from the Minutes of the church. Slaves were members of the churches and they were expected to maintain the same moral standard as the white members. They were not required to give any financial support and were not allowed to vote on any church issue. Their seats were in the balcony (gallery). The grammar and spelling of these entries are unchanged. - Jim Duvall

Slavery Issues in Sand Run Baptist Church
Boone County, Kentucky

17 Sept, 1821
On Motion of Bro. W. Montague to take into consideration the propriety of the provisions made by the Church in allotting the Black members and friends the Northeast end and the adjoining front of the gallery to the portition. The matter was investigated and refered till next meeting.

15 Dec 1821
The refference respecting the provision made for the black members and friends by the church, was taken up investigated and decided to be proper.

It was then motioned by Br. T. Whitaker that the black brethren present be called in to state whether they were when convenient willingly to fill their Seats in the Church in which case Sister Mariah refused to comply Brother Whitaker then laid in a complaint against her for Said refusal the matter was taken up and refered till next meeting.

On motion of Bro. Wm Montague Brethren B. R. Ward J[oseph] Graves, & Wm Whitaker were appointed to see these black brethren who owing to the provision made for them by the Church refuse to take their seats and request their attendance at our next meeting.

Jan 19, 1822
The refference respecting Sister Mariah was taken up she found guilty of sin and failing to give satisfaction was excluded.
The committee appointed to see the black members and report to the church those that refused to take their seats and request their attendance inform the church of two namely Fannie and Kizza. Sister Fanny being present and agreeing to take her seat gave satisfaction.
Sister Kizza being absent the matter was taken up and B. L. Robinson appointed to cite her to next meeting.

Feb 16, 1822
The referrence respecting Sister Kizza was taken up she found guilty of sin and failing to attend the call of the church was excluded.

August 1822
Received Kizza a black member from a state of exclusion.

Jan 25, 1823
Eliot a black member belonging to Bro. Wm Montague laid in a complaint against himself for getting into and [sic] affray on the 24th day of Decm 1822. [T]he matter was taken up and he found guilty of sin and failing to give satisfaction was suspended and brethren T. Whitaker & Joseph Graves were appointed to get what information they can of the affray amd make report next meeting.

22 Feb, 1823
The refference respecting Bro. Eliott was taken up, satisfaction obtained & he restored to fellowship.

26th June 1824
Bro. Moses, a black member belong to brother Johnson, complained against himself for having taken wool from his master and denying it when charged with having done so -- The matter was taken up he was found guilty of sin satisfaction was obtained and he was restored to fellowship --

22 Jany 1825
Bro. Joseph Graves brought in a charge against bro. Joseph, a black member belonging to bro. B. Delany for striking a man with a stone. Also another complaint by bro. McCoy against the said bro. Joseph for stealing turkeys from bro. Harvey for which he was tried before a magistrate & publicly whipt. The matter was taken up first in relation to the first charge for which he acknowledged he was guilty of sin. Secondly in relation to the second charge (which he denyed) the church found him guilty of sin in this charge also, Satisfaction was not obtained. Therefore in consideration of both charges he was excluded.

25th June 1825
Bro. Thomas Whitaker brought in a complaint against Sister Fanny, a black member belonging to Mrs. Cave for leaving her husband and having an illegitimate child. The matter was taken up, she was found guilty of sin. satisfaction was not obtained and she was excluded.

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[These records are available on microfilm at the Boone County Public Library, Main Branch, Burlington, KY. - Jim Duvall

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