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Jacob Ward Rust, A.M.
Early Logan County Baptist Educator
By J. H. Spencer
      Jacob Ward Rust, A.M. was born of poor parents, in Logan Co. Kentucky , Feb. 14, 1819. He was brought up on a farm, having attended school only thirteen months, previous to the age fifteen. At this early age, he resolved to qualify himself to teach. The poverty of his parents was a great obstacle in the way of carrying out this laudable purpose. But he possessed courage, energy and extraordinary natural abilities. By close application, he made such attainments, that he commenced teaching school, in 1837, at the age of eighteen. Three years later, he became Principal of Mt. Carmel Academy, and occupied the position till 1844. By this time he had established a reputation as a superior teacher. Subsequently, he was placed at the head of Springfield Academy, Clarksville Female Academy and Lafayette Female Institute, successively. His connection with Bethel Female College has been noticed above. In 1864, he was elected President of Bethel College, over which he presided four years, with extraordinary success, when he resigned on account of failing health. In 1869, he became associated with R. M. Dudley, as co-editor and part owner of the Western Recorder. He gave a high degree of satisfaction to his readers, during the two years he was connected with the paper. After severing his connection with the Western Recorder, he accepted the position of Financial Agent for the Baptist Orphan's Home, in Louisville. In 1874, he was recalled to the Presidency of Bethel Female College, as related above.

      President Rust possesses extraordinary versatility of talent. He has succeeded well in every position he has occupied. He has been a good worker in the Master's vineyard, having become a Baptist in early life. He is a ready writer and speaker, an excellent educator, and a good financier, and, above all, he enjoys the confidence and affection of his brethren in Christ, in a high degree.


[J. H. Spencer, A History of Kentucky Baptists, 1884, p. 727. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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