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D. B. Ray, D. D.
The Baptist Encyclopedia
     D. B. Ray, D.D. was born in Hickman, Ky., March 30, 1830. He was converted, and baptized by Elder White, into the Little Obion Baptist church, Oct. 16, 1844. He was ordained in 1856. He labored in Kentucky and Tennessee till 1870, and then became associated with President Worrell in the editorship of the Baptist Sentinel at Lexington, Ky. In 1873 he became pastor at La Grange, Mo., and removed to St. Louis in 1880. He studied in Clinton Seminary, Ky., until ill health compelled him in two years to leave school. His ordination took place in 1856. After this he devoted much time to theological studies, history, and the sciences. Thousands have been converted under his ministry. Not only as an evangelist is he known, but more as a debater on religious questions. He has held forty oral discussious. Most of these have been with Campbellite aud Methodist leaders. His discussions have been frequently followed by revivals, as well as by the discomfiture of his opponents. In 1867 he published his "Text-Book on Campellism." Seven editions have been issued, and this blighting error has been exposed. In 1870 he issued his "Baptist Succession." It is a convenient hand-book of Baptist history, to meet objections against Baptists. Eight editions of it have been issued. "The Church Discussion" is another book he has issued, containing a debate with the Campbellites. He now resides in St. Louis, and is editor and proprietor of the American Baptist Flag. He is a man of marked ability and of great courage.

[From William Cathcart, editor, The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881; reprint, 1988, pp. 960-961. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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