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Index of Circular Letters for the Philadelphia Baptist Association
"The Association of ministers and elders, from the several Baptist churches, met at Philadelphia, October 12th, 1773, thought it expedient that some plan of the general letter to the churches, some what different from the usual mode of addressing them, should be considered and fixed upon, and nominated Brother Abel Morgan to present a specimen at the next Association; who, considering the case, proposes as follows:

I. That the contents of the general letter shall consist of observations and improvements of some particular article of faith, contained in our Confession, beginning with the first, and so on in order, unless occasion require the contrary; the manner and improvement, whether explanatory, confirmatory, consolatory, or by questions and answers, to be concluded by the writer. Also, that a brother be nominated beforehand, to prepare against the next meeting.

II. Let diligent care be used to caution the churches against innovation in doctrine and practice, and to watch against errors, and avoid them wherever they rise, and by whomsoever they may be propagated.

III. That suitable endeavors be made as heretofore, to resolve cases and questions proposed by the churches, to the best of our knowledge, according to the Scripture.

IV. That all seasonable counsel and advice be given to the churches; and, as occasion may require, let them be pressed with fervency and convincing arguments.

V. That records be kept of all the copies of letters sent from, and received by, the Association."

Minutes of The Philadelphia Baptist Association From A.D. 1707 to A.D. 1807 &c, (Philadelphia: American Baptist Publication Society, 1851, pp. 135-136.)


1774 Abel Morgan The Scriptures 1774 Samuel Jones The Trinity 1775 Abel Morgan God's Decree 1776 Robert Kelsay General Exhortations 1778 Samuel Jones General Exhortations 1779 Samuel Jones Divine Providence 1779 Abel Morgan Fasting and Prayer 1780 Abel Morgan Fall of Man 1781 Samuel Jones God's Covenant 1782 Oliver Hart Christ the Mediator 1783 Samuel Jones The Freedom of Man's Will 1784 John Gano Effectual Calling 1785 William Rogers Justification 1786 Thomas Ustick Adoption 1787 Peter Vanhorne Sanctification 1788 David Jones Saving Faith 1789 Burgiss Allison Repentance unto Life and Salvation 1790 Samuel Jones Universal Salvation 1790 Benjamin Foster Good Works 1791 William Vanhorne Perseverance of the Saints of Grace 1792 Joshua Jones The Assurance of Grace and Salvation 1793 Thomas Fleeson General Exhortations 1794 Henry Smalley The Law of God -- the Moral Law 1795 Samuel Jones The Gospel 1796 William Staughton The Prevalence of Infidelity 1797 Thomas Memminger Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience 1798 David Jones Religious Worship and the Sabbath Day 1799 Samuel Jones General Exhortations 1800 William Staughton Proofs of the Divine Origin of the Gospel Witness Within 1801 James Ewing Exhortations to Missionary Activities 1802 Thomas B. Montanye The Baptism of the Holy Ghost 1803 William White The Office-Work of the Holy Spirit 1804 Burgiss Allison Prayer 1805 Silas Hough Brotherly Love 1806 William Rogers Christian Missions 1807 William Staughton What are the Qualifications of a Gospel Minister? 1807 Samuel Jones A Century Sermon

[From A. D. Gillette, Minutes of the Philadelphia Baptist Association, 1851; rpt. 2001, Appendix 2 - List of Circular Letters. This index was prepared by The Baptist Standard Bearer. - These Circulars may be accessed here.]

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