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J. Frank Norris
God’s Blessings in Review
By Roy E. Falls

Few men carved a place in the religious world as did DR. NORRIS, and the following will give the reader an idea of God's hand upon his life:
~ Two years editor of Baptist Standard, official voice of Texas Baptists - 1908-1909.
~ Assisted B. H. Carroll in the founding of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth.
~ Founder of Bible Baptist Seminary of Fort Worth.
~ Founder of World Baptist Fellowship, an international organization of independent Baptists.
~ Pastor: First Baptist Church, Fort Worth - 1909-1952.
~ Editor: The Fence Rail - 1917-1921.
~ Editor: The Searchlight - 1921-1927.
~ Editor: The Fundamentalist - 1927-1952.
~ Described by New York newspaper, The World Week, as "the strongest, shrewdest, most romantically adventuresome prince of crowd gathers..."
~ Conducted revival in First Baptist Church of San Antonio, Texas, in which 600 people were saved, and which was described by the pastor, I. E. Yates, as "a meeting that produced more results than any I've ever seen."
~ Conducted revival in First Baptist Church of Houston, Texas, in which a thousand souls were saved.
~ Described by George Ragland of the First Baptist Church of Lexington, Kentucky, as "one of the greatest preachers in America."
~ Assisted T. T. Shields and W. B. Riley in the formation of the Baptist Bible Union in 1923.
~ Circled the globe in world-wide ministry.
~ Heard by 40,000 people in open-air revival in Detroit, Michigan.
~ Spoke to legislators in Texas, Georgia, and other states.
~ Conducted 120 tent meetings in the city of Fort Worth.
~ Described by the Evening News, London, England, as "a man who has international events at his fingertips."
~ Spoke to large crowds in Berlin in 1937.
~ Preached to 25,000 people in baseball park in Fort Worth, 1942.
~ Conferred with Churchill in 1941.


[From: J. Frank Norris Historical Society website. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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