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In Deacon John R. Logan's Sketches, Historical and Biographical, of the Broad River and King's Mountain Baptist Associations, from 1800 to 1880 is a very comprehensive account of circular letters of those two associations, with complete lists of the letters, their subjects and writers, while in connection with biographical sketches of the writers, the circular letters are often published in full, but sometimes with abridgement. In the accounts of the proceedings of the Association the circumstances, social and religious, under which the letters were written are often indicated. The lists of the writers and their subjects for the King's Mountain Association follows:

Year	Name		        Subject	
1852	John R. Logan		The Duties of Church Members towards each other 
1853 	Dove Parnell 		Election 
1854 	Thomas Dixon 		Nature, Design and Application of the Atonement of Jesus Christ 
1855 	Joseph Suttle 		Missions 
1856 	George W. Rollins 	Repentance 
1857 	Alexander J. Cansler 	The Design of the Lord's Supper 
1858 	No record 
1859 	Joseph Suttle 		Prayer 
1860 	L. M. Berry 		The Design and Authority of Associations and the true Relations              
                                existing between them and the Churches they represent 
1861 	G. W. Rollins 		Christian Love 
1862 	J. R. Logan 		A Synoptical History of the Broad River and King's Mountain Associations 
1863 	No record 
1864 	Gabriel Phillips 	Intemperance 
1865 	Larkin M. Berry 	The proper observance of the Christian Sabbath 
1866 	J. R. Logan 		The New Obligations of Peace 
1867 	Robert Poston 		Temperance 
1868	J. H. Yarboro 		Missions 
1869 	G. M. Webb 		Design of Baptism 
1870 	No record 
1871 	No record 
1872 	A. A. McSwain 	        Systematic beneficence 


[From George W. Paschal, History of North Carolina Baptists, Volume 2, p. 291. -- Scanned by Jim Duvall]

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