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In the Far West (U.S.)
C. Hutchins
From The Baptist Argus, 1900

      Good reports are heard of H. M. Shouse on his new field at Coopertown, North Dakota.

      George Smith has begun a good work at Arnold, Nebraska. He is giving half time between Arnold and Gandy Baptist churches.

      Ponca, Nebraska - This field has enjoyed the blessings of God in a large measure. The church debt of two hundred and sixteen dollars has been nearly paid. One of the outstations has been organized into a church. The pastor held five series of protracted meetings, during the winter season, on his own field, and in the association.

      B. W. McKeen, of Winside, Nebraska, is in the newspaper business with his brother. He also finds time to conduct a Baptist Mission at Harmony Hill school house. The Lord has blessed him in his work here. It was the writer's privilege to assist Bro. McKeen here ten days in protracted meetings, which resulted in several conversions. It has been Bro. McKeen's privilege to see them buried with Christ in baptism.

      Bro. N. Nelson is doing splendid work for the Lord at the First Swedish Baptist Church at Sioux City, Iowa. He has succeeded in raising a $500 mortgage from the church house, besides some improvements on the church property. Members have been added to the church by baptism and letter during the year. He has assisted some of his brethren in protracted meetings outside of his own flock. He assisted the writer at Ponca a few days in February. His straight-forward, pointed gospel sermons made an impression on the minds of the people, and his singing was much enjoyed by them. Success to the Argus.
Ponca, Nebraska.

[From The Baptist Argus, May 10, 1900, p. 3. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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