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[The following is a report of the men who were missionaries throughout the state of Kentucky in 1849.]

MISSIONARIES - For the State of Kentucky - 1849.

      The following brethren have been in the service of the Association during a part or the whole of the year, viz:
F. German, in Bracken and Pendleton Counties;
S. V. Potts, in Estill and a part of Madison County;
Y. R. Pitts, in Williamstown and its vicinity,
L. D. Alexander, at Carrolton and Dean's Ferry, on Kentucky River;
D. S. Colgan, as Agent and missionary in the region of Russel Creek Association;
Elder Peck, in the Green River Country;
J. Leake, as Agent and Missionary to Tate's Creek, South District, Cumberland River, and South Kentucky Association;
J. Holladay, in Nicholas and Fleming Counties;
J. G. Howard, in Ohio, Butler and Muhlenburg Counties;
J. James, in the Cumberland River Association; and
J. Porter, in Oldham County.

MISSIONARIES' REPORTS - For the State of Kentucky - 1849.

      Bro. S. V. Potts has labored 72 days; preached 64 sermons, and delivered 23 exhortations; travelled 840 miles, received 29 members into his Churches, and raised $15,30 for the purposes of your Association. He speaks encouragingly of the state of religion in his bounds.

      Elder J. Leake has labored 70 days as Agent and Missionary; visited 10 Churches in South District Association, and received subscriptions to the amount of $73.45 on the five years' plan; also visited several Churches in Tates' Creek Association, and taken subscriptions to the amount of $42; visited two churches in South Kentucky Association; received subscription of $3.50 at Gilbert's Creek; also, collected $56 on the old subscription, and $4,00 given by others. Twenty members were added to the Church in

p. 9.
Lancaster, and a good prospect for more additions. He speaks of an increased interest in the cause of Missions in his district. May the Great Head of the Church bless the labors of these faithful Agents in the cause of our Redeemer.

      Bro. D. S. Colgan has labored 40 or 50 days; received subscriptions to the amount of $78.00; and preached as often as opportunities presented, with much success; but has been prevented by sickness in his family, from accomplishing all he wished.

      Bro. Y. R. P1tts, has travelled about 500 miles; preached 32 sermons; established a Sunday School; visited, for religious conversation, 45 families; received into the Church at Williamstown, three by letter and four by experience and baptism. He writes; that the prospect before him is flattering; the church, as a body, is united and active, maintaining a weekly prayer meeting, faithful in discipline and zealous for the advancement of God's cause. One young man of ardent piety and promising gifts has been licensed to preach.

      Bro. L. D. Alexander has labored faithfully the past year, established a Church of 24 members in Carrollton, preached frequently below the Kentucky river, and great interest is manifested for the Word of Life, by those who had never before heard a Baptist minister. There is great destitution in that region of country.

      Bro. J. M. Pendleton writes, "that the ministers of the Liberty Association, performed, during the year, which closed in August last, 374 days Missionary labor. We trust that good has resulted from the proclamation of the Gospel!"

      Bro. F. German, sums up his labors for the year in a few words, he says, "I have labored in your service 94 days, preached 104 sermons, travelled 1550 miles, baptised 20, and received $12 in money.

      Bro. John James states, that he has labored 144 days, travelled 1110 miles, preached 126 sermons, delivered 28 exhortations and received 73 members into our churches, collected $11 in money, consiituted one church and established one Sunday School. "The country over which I have travelled," says bro. James, "is very hilly, and the roads, or rather paths, are rocky and difficult. The churches are remote from each other, say from 10, 15, to 20 miles apart. The people generally poor, but friendly. There are in the bounds of the Cumberland River Association 18 churches, some of which are entirely destitute of any regular preaching - the most favored but once a month. Most of the churches are opposed to the Missionary enterprize; but this opposition is gradually diminishing, as they become better acquainted with the objects. and designs of the General Association." His report concludes with the cheering intelligence, that "many of the churches have been greatly blessed the present year. It is the beauty of our holy religion, that "to the poor the Gospel is preached." May Bro. James

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continue his labors of love, till every hill and every vale shall resound with praises to the living God.

      Bro. J. B. Porter has confined his labors mostly in Oldham County, to three Churches. The results of his efforts have been, that the Church at Westport has increased from 12 to 42; at Covington [?], 5 miles above, from 11 to 88; at Liberty, from 35 to 44, since last General Association. He has preached usually three times a week, and visited from house to house, for religious conversation; reading the scriptures, prayers, &c. May his labors be blessed.

      In conclusion, the Board would recommend an increased energy in our elders, missionaries, and brethren, in organizing all our Churches and Associations as auxiliaris [sic] to the General Association, so that they may send more laborers into the field now "ripe for the harvest," For want of means, they are unable to answer half of the calls made on them, by the destitute portions of the State. By concentrated action, great results are obtained. On the sixty thousand Baptists of Kentucky, heavy responsibilities rest. Let us hope, that each member of our denomination will do his duty, and God will prosper His own cause and our whole State be blessed with an outpouring of his Holy Spirit.


[From Minutes of the Kentucky Baptist Anniversaries booklet, 1849; via SBTS Archives, Adam Winters, archivist. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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