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Editor's note: The summaries written concerning the Circular Letters in the association are taken from the History of the Miami Baptist Association, by A. H. Dunlevy, 1869. The Circular Letters that are available are posted. - jrd

An Index of the Circular Letters
of the Miami Baptist Association (OH)

By James R. Duvall

1799 - The circular letter of this year is wholly occupied in urging upon the members the duty of supporting pastors in their arduous duty of preaching the Gospel. An extract from this letter: "While the laborers are few, and these few have their difficulties; we hope, dear brethren, you will relieve them as you have ability. Remember these are the ministers and servants of the Most High God, who show unto you the way of salvation; and if they sow unto you spiritual things, you ought not to be backward in making them partakers of your temporal and earthly things. We advise you to read 1st Cor., 9th chapter, and you will plainly see a great Christian duty, and they who neglect it, may as well neglect any other duty. Besides, how can you pray the Lord of the harvest to send more laborers into the harvest, when those now in His employ are neglected to the distress of their common circumstances as men."

1800 - The association met at Turtle Creek (now Lebanon), then a branch of Clear Creek Church. The circular letter of this year, in urging upon the churches and members the proper and scriptural observance of the Sabbath, as divinely instituted for a day of rest from all secular labor, and for religious worship and meditation, says: "The Sabbath is useful to our spiritual and heavenly comforts. How great the happiness of the Christian to be withdrawn from worldly cares and employments that he may rest with God, and while at on earth have a pledge and foretaste of heaven."

1801 - The circular letter of this year exhorted the churches to strict Gospel discipline, urging them "to be careful not to let sin rest upon a brother." A resolution was also adopted, requesting "each church and congregation to make a collection for the benevolent purpose of sending missionaries to instruct the native Indians," and directing "that the money be paid to the treasurer, to be at the disposel [sic] of the association."

1809 - Circular Letter, 1809 - Faith and Revealed Truth

1816 - Circular Letter, 1816 - Missionary Enterprise by James Lee, Elk Creek Baptist Church

1820 - Circular Letter, 1820 - "Love" by Hezekiah Stites

1829 - Circular Letter, 1829 - An Early History of the Miami Baptist Association

1831 - Circular Letter, 1831 - "The Value of the Soul" by D. Bryant - Middletown, OH

1833 - Circular Letter, 1833 - by Stephen Gard. A. H. Dunlevy says: "The circular letter adopted was mainly pointed, in rather obscure language, against all benevolent societies, too plainly, however, to be mistaken."

1836 - Corresponding Letter, 1836 - This Letter was sent to other associations at the time of the Mission/Anti-Mission division.

1836 - Circular Letter, 1836 - Missionary Establishments, by John Blodgett - Middletown

1840 - Circular Letter, 1840 - The Importance of Joining a Church, by J. Blodgett - Middletown

1861 - Circular Letter, 1861 - Believing with the Heart unto Salvation, by N. Colver of Chicago

1863 - Circular Letter, 1863 - The New Covenant, By Rev. S. W. Lynd, D. D.

1865 - Circular Letter, 1865 - "Social Dancing" By L. G. Leonard, D. D.

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