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The Baptist newspaper, 1888
      Dear Bro. Graves - The Association for the State (Coabuila) met on the first Saturday in this month in Profuso. Eight churches were represented. They reported one hundred and ninety-eight baptisms, and $650 raised for different objects. Two hundred and fifty-eight dollars were pledged for Associational purposes, and the money was raised to support a missionary (native) in China.

      We have great encouragement at all of our out-stations. The Association favored the organization of a general Convention for all the Republic.

      Strong ground was taken on the temperance question. The Association meets next year in Patos, in the church built mainly by Bro. Stanton of New Orleans, formerly of Atlanta, Georgia.

      Madern Institute closed its grandest session the other day. Maria Reclo, one of the young ladies supported by the Young South, received her diploma. In Mexico the Board of Education and not the College confer the diploma. The governor presided at the commencement exercises. We had a large attendance. The legislature attended in a body.

      On November 27th I assisted in a dedication of the Fi[blurred] Baptist church in the city of Mexico. Bro. Sloan is very hopeful. He is a capital man and a fine worker. I preached several days for Bro. McCormick in Zacytaces[?]. He has succeeded wonderfully. He has large congregations, and a large church with more than thirty members. He will need a house of worship at an early day. I have baptized two hundred and ten people since last May. We definitely need reinforcements.

      My little son, and a son of Ex-Governor Bustamente go to Eagleville Tn., to be prepared for college by my fellow-graduate Eld. G. M. Savage. Mr. Bustamente recently ordered houses of worship prepared in his six haciendas and fourteen ranches and put them at my orders, directing his own sons to assemble the people for worship and not to allow me to make any expense. We need help. A great and effectual door is open to us. Pray for us, my dear brother. Affectionately,

W. D. Powell
Saitillo, Mexico, December 20, 1887.

[From The Baptist newspaper, January 7, 1888, p. 5, CD edition. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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