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News Notes From Mexico
By Missionary J. E. Davis.
The Baptist World, 1909
      There are more than 500 baptisms in Mexico last year, the larger part in the churches of the Richmond Board.

      Our work thus far in 1909 is advancing splendidly. From all the churches we hear good things.

      Our Indian mission is doing well. We support a missionary, a native, among the Indians of the state of Michoacan. He is doing good work. The contributions made by the churches for this work amount to more than $1,000. This enterprise of our National Convention is neither North nor South, but of all, which is better.

      The printing plant and literature which is under my management, is making rapid progress. Last year we printed something like 8,000,000 pages of literature, nearly all of which was put into immediate circulation.

      We have more than half of Dr. Frost's great book, "The Memorial Supper", printed in Spanish. We expect to get it ready for distribution by the middle of the year.

      Dr. Chastain, of Guadalajara, has just closed a splendid meeting with the church there. He baptized 7 and has two more approved. Besides these there were six others who professed faith in Christ.

      The churches at Torreon and San Pedro have enjoyed a season of refreshing. Evangelist Pablo Rodriguez assisted Bro. Lacy, and there were some 30 conversions in Torreon, seven of whom have been baptized. In San Pedro there were 30 accessions to the church, 21 by baptism.

      Rev. Sid Williams, of San Antonio, Texas, is preaching to the English-speaking population of Torreon, so we are informed. The congregations are not large, but some interest manifested.

      Bro. J. S. Cheavens made a long trip down the Pacific Coast not long ago. He held institutes and preached in Hermosillo, Guaymas, Alamos and Mazatlan. Two young men were ordained, Bro. P. J. Villanueva in Guaymas, and Bro. E. M. Ruiz in Mazatlan. From there Bro. Cheavens took boat to Manzanillo, and from there by the new railway recently opened up crossed over to Guadalajara, then by way of Leon, on to Saltillo, where he lives.

      In our colleges in Toluca we have more than 80 young men and women. Brethren Sanders and Porter have their hands full.

      Miss S. F. Jones, of Toluca, has been quite sick but is about well again. We thank the Lord for this, for she is one of our very best missionaries.

      Our theological schools are progressing finely. There are about 30 young men all told preparing for the ministry. We expect to do even greater things in Mexico some day not far distant.


[From The Baptist World Journal, April 15, 1909, p. 8; via Baylor U. digital documents. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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