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Lexington Baptist College, 1963
Faculty and Graduates

Pictured above are, left to right, front row: Rosco Brong, Mrs. Abbye L. Jones, Mrs, Warren Walton, Clarence Walker, Lloyd Mahanes, Mrs. Henry S. Hodges, Carl E. Sadler, James L. Hamilton, and Edward H. Overbey.
Second row: Elizabeth Sue Botto, Melvin A. Thompson, Arthur M. Wood, Glenn R. Archer, William R. Jackson, Noble D. Vater, and Jimmy H. DeMoss.
Third row: A. D. Godbey, John F. Thornbury, Hollis C. Walter, Blake J. Greer, Frank M. Reedze, and William W. Brown.
Back row: Lewis D. Marcum, Larry L. Burton, Charles E. Margraff, and Berlin Hisel.

The front row includes President Walker and all members of the faculty except Bro. John T. Thompson, who did not arrive in time for the picture. The other three rows show all members of the eleventh graduating class of Lexington Baptist College.

Of the 17 graduates in this eleventh commencement (marking the thirteenth year of the school), Bro. Brown received the GENERAL BIBLE COURSE DIPLOMA and Bro. Burton THE Th.B. DEGREE; the other 15 received THE A.B. DEGREE.

Bro. Wendll H. Rone, Sr., pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church, Owensboro, Ky., delivered the commencement address, emphasizing the importance of the Bible as the final authority for Baptist doctrine and work. Special singing was provided by college groups including male chorus, girls' chorus, mixed chorus, and quartet.

President Walker presented the diplomas and degrees with appropriate remarks in his own inimitable way. In honor of his 73rd birthday, members of the church surprised him with a reception to close the program of the evening.


[From Ashland Avenue Baptist paper, July 5, 1963, p. 1. Document provided by Donnie Burford, South Irvine, KY. - Scanned by Jim Duvall]

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