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First Baptist Church
New Orleans, Louisiana
The Baptist newspaper, 1869
      Bro. J. C. Carpenter, pastor of the First Church, New Orleans, writes:

     "Our little church is still prospering in some measure spiritually, but our burdensome debt still weighs us down a good deal. We are a unit, and this is an unspeakable blessing. We have added only twenty-four to our number during the year - eleven by baptism and thirteen by letter. We are trying to sell a part of our ground, and hope to realize sufficient to reduce our debt over one-half. If we succeed, it will relieve us very much, and give new energy to our people to work. I rejoice at the good reports which reach here of Bro. Burns' success. I trust the Lord will make him abundantly useful in his new field,"


[From The Baptist, Memphis, "Religious Intelligence," January 30, 1869, p. 2. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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