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State of the Churches of the Elkhorn Baptist Association in 1845

Clear Creek Baptist Church
Woodford County, Kentucky

      This is one of the oldest churches in the State. She has passed through several extensive revivals, under the labors of our fathers, long since gone to their reward. In the afflictions growing out of the attempts to "reform" the Baptist denomination, she was considerably involved, and through all the struggle, maintained her original standing. Deaths and removals have greatly reduced the number of members, while the increase of other denominations in the vicinity, has greatly diminished the congregation attending the regular preaching. Recently, however, the congregation has considerably increased, and some few are apparently interested about the salvation of their souls. The brethren are in favor of the benevolent enterprises of the present age. The church expresses, in her letter, a determination to renew and increase their prayers that God would pour out his spirit among them, and revive his work. Days of preaching, 3rd Saturday and Sabbath.
W.F. Broaddus, Pastor.

Glen's Creek Baptist Church
Woodford County, Kentucky

      These brethren express great joy in the "harmonious action which happily characterize all their proceedings." A few have been added to the Church recently. Besides regular preaching, the Pastor gives occasional lectures, on Sabbath afternoons. Preaching twice a month
J.L. Waller, Pastor.

Big Spring Baptist Church
Woodford County, Kentucky

      Peace reigns among these brethren, though no season of revival has recently has been enjoyed; the brethren pray for an out pouring of God's spirit. Preaching 4th Saturday and Lord's day; no regular Pastor.

Hillsborough Baptist Church
Woodford County, Kentucky

      Large additions were made to this Church several years ago; since when, they have enjoyed peace: but in their letter they complain of coldness and barrenness at present. They favor our benevolent institutions. Preaching 4th Saturday and Lord's day.
Josiah Leake, Pastor.

Mount Vernon Baptist Church
Woodford County, Kentucky

      A pleasant revival of religion last summer, added considerably to the strength of this Church. She welcomes the meeting of the Association in her house of worship, it being the first such meeting since her Constitution. This Church formerly suffered much from divisions. But at present enjoys entire peace, and seems to be growing in the Lord. The members meet every Lord's day in a Bible class and social meeting. They are friendly to the cause of Missions. Preaching twice a month.
L.W. Seeley, Pastor.

Versailles Baptist Church
Woodford County, Kentucky

      This is the smallest church of our body, lately constituted. They have no house of worship, and are not able to build. They worship in the Court House. Their letter breathes a good spirit. Could not the brethren in the county adjacent, aid this little band? Our villages generally deserve more attention than they receive. Preaching twice a month by brethren J.L. Waller and W.F. Broaddus.


[From Ira (Jack) Birdwhistell, The Baptists of the Bluegrass: A History of Elkhorn Baptist Association, 1785-1985, Appendix II, pp. 133-135. The source for this is the Elkhorn Circular Letter by W. F. Broaddus, 1845. Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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