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West Union Baptist Association (KY), 1936
      West Union Association met with the Bandana Baptist Church October 14-15. Three new churches came into the association. The mission gifts had increased over last year about $3,000. The spirit of the meeting was missionary and fraternal throughout. Brother Heaton of Paducah (KY) preached the introductory sermon on "The Mission of the Church" and the Editor gave the doctrinal sermon on "Planks in Paul's Platform." The regular two years for the tenure of moderator being filled, Brother Joe T. Odle of the East Baptist Church of Paducah was succeeded by the Editor. Other officers were continued.

[From Roy O. Beaman, Editor, West Kentucky Bible School Voice, Murray, KY, October, 1936. Document from Boyce Digital Library On-line, SBTS Archives, Louisville, KY. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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